Beijing Municipal Traffic Management Bureau double 11 in Beijing this month will be the highest valu remonstrate

Beijing Municipal Traffic Management Bureau: "double 11" in Beijing this month will be the highest value of congestion in the original title: Beijing Municipal Traffic Management Bureau: the double 11 day this month will be the highest congestion Beijing Beijing News News (reporter Guo Chao) according to the Beijing municipal traffic department statistics, road traffic pressure in 2016 October weekday peak period has become more than September this year the first 10 months of the most congested one month. In November, as the weather is getting cold, vehicle usage rate continues to improve, coupled with the "double 11" focus on shopping, performances and sports competitions increased and other factors, is expected this month, the city’s road will continue to maintain high traffic pressure. According to the Municipal Traffic Management Bureau and high moral map statistics show that in October this year, the day during the peak period of pavement section number was the most blocking queue in September rose nearly 5%. In November, as the weather gradually cold weather, frequent use of private cars, the rate will rise significantly, coupled with the impact of "double 11" focus on shopping, large-scale performances and various sports competitions and other factors, the traffic control department is expected to, in November the city’s road travel situation is still not optimistic, the peak time of road travel pressure will continue even rise. Forecasts show that the double 11 approaching, not only online shopping surge, the mall will have different types of promotional activities. This year, double 11 coincides with Friday, but also the Beijing limit line policy in the 4, 9 limit line, is expected to double the road travel situation is not optimistic about the day, especially in the evening peak will be significantly prolonged in the 11. Expected to double 11 the impact of the business district will be concentrated in the second ring road in Beijing, as well as the eastern part of the city of Beijing, northeast and southeast. Xidan, Wangfujing, Xinjiekou, Chongwenmen and Houhai region will become Guijie vehicle queuing more serious area. In addition, heading, Sanlitun, blue harbor, Chaoyang joy, China World Trade Center and other regions of the situation is not optimistic; while the western city line more serious area will be concentrated in the vicinity of Zhongguancun, Jin Yuan, Gongzhufen and Wudaokou yansha. The double 11 the day of the road congestion is expected to become the highest number of the month, from 6 am to 2 pm, the city’s main road traffic pressure will remain high in the operation of the 22. "Double 11", the logistics delivery pressure will also lead to increased traffic, so the "double 11" will last a long time. Editor: Li Feng responsibility editor: Zhang Xiaofei相关的主题文章: