Being insulted by the black tour guide, visitors can visit Ming Dynasty Tombs for free this year –

Black tour abusive tourists this free tour of Ming Dynasty Tombs – the Sohu news Legal Evening News (reporter Luo Xiaojing) during the Spring Festival for "black Ming Dynasty Tombs tour abusive tourists" incident this morning, law late (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) reporter from the Beijing Municipal Tourism Committee was informed that the current tourism law enforcement brigade has been concerned about the matter and follow up, and hope the tourists take the initiative to report. The law enforcement department of tourism will set up a reward reporting mechanism for illegal "one-day tour" and "black guidance", and the hotline for reporting is 12301. At the same time, the recent efforts will be made to check the "black day tour"". Online exposure of the "black guide" called tourists video, visitors sitting in a car driving in the tour bus, and stood in a male tour guide in front of the deliberations to Dingling tour, but the tour guide to offer tourists. With more and more tourists asking to get off the bus, the tour guide’s speech became more and more impatient. Finally, he suddenly rushed to the back row of tourists and said loudly, "do you want to die?"". In response to the video, the City Tourism Committee responsible person said that such incidents are serious interference with normal tourism order, damage the image of the capital and the interests of the masses of bad behavior. "From a short video content, the tour group may be illegal one-day tour group, but it has not received visitors report, to verify the existence of difficulties." Although there has not yet been received complaints from tourists, we will not wait for complaints, investigation immediately." The person in charge said, welcome everyone to find, to provide clues. The head of the Beijing tourism law enforcement team said that for the tourists who threatened tourists in the video, the City Tourism Committee was working with relevant departments to find out the source of the video and determine the identity of the tour guide in the video. If you are a regular travel agency guide, you will be punished. If it is unlicensed black tour guides, urban management departments will be punished by law enforcement. The responsible person of the Ming Ming Dynasty Tombs scenic spot also said that he was outraged by the behavior of black guides abusing tourists in the video. He not only deceived tourists, but also vilified the world cultural heritage, the national 5A class scenic spot, the Ming Ming Dynasty Tombs. The person in charge also said that visitors in the video can contact with the scenic spot, at any time this year, you can visit Ming Dynasty Tombs free of charge. City Tourism Committee once again reminded the majority of tourists to participate in formal travel agencies organized tours, to avoid falling into the illegal "one-day tour" trap. Visitors are advised to note the way in tourism, travel by car number, to prepare for the rights to use. In addition, the City Tourism Committee will take the matter as an example, the establishment of illegal "one day tour", "black lead" and other acts of award reporting mechanism, hotline for 12301. Following recent efforts will be made to check black one day late (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) reporter learned from the Municipal Tourism Commission was informed that this year during the Spring Festival holiday in the city received 32 complaints and reports of illegal tour. This morning, the Beijing tourism law enforcement unit responsible person said, before the Spring Festival has developed the 2016 black day travel plan, in the usual black day travel work has also been strengthened. "Against the black guide" tourists ", our law enforcement brigade in full follow-up, and with the relevant law enforcement departments."

被黑导游辱骂游客今年可免费游十三陵-搜狐新闻  法制晚报讯(记者 罗晓静)针对发生在春节期间“十三陵黑导游辱骂游客”事件,今天上午,法晚(微信ID:fzwb_52165216)记者从北京市旅游委获悉,目前旅游执法大队已关注此事并跟进,同时希望当事游客主动举报。旅游执法部门将建立对非法“一日游”、“黑导”的有奖举报机制,举报热线为12301。同时,近期将加大力度查“黑一日游”。   网上曝出的“黑导”骂游客视频中,游客坐在一辆行驶中的旅游大巴上,与站在前排的一名男性导游商议去定陵游览,不过,这名导游拒绝了游客的提议。随着要求下车游览的游客越来越多,该导游的言语也越发不耐烦,最后他突然冲向后排游客,爆粗口称“你是不是想死”。   针对该视频,市旅游委相关负责人表示,此类事件是严重干扰正常旅游秩序,损害首都形象和群众利益的恶劣行为。“从短短的视频内容上看,该旅游团可能是非法一日游团,但目前还没有接到游客举报,查证存在困难。”   “虽然目前尚未接到当事游客的投诉,但我们将不等投诉,立即展开调查。”该负责人表示,欢迎大家共同查找,提供线索。   北京旅游执法大队负责人表示,对于视频中恐吓游客的导游,市旅游委正在和相关部门联系,找出视频出处并确定视频中导游的身份。如果是正规旅行社导游,将对其进行处罚。如果是无证黑导游,将由城管部门对其进行执法处罚。   明十三陵景区相关负责人也表示,对视频中黑导游辱骂游客的行为很愤慨,他不仅欺骗游客,还诋毁了世界文化遗产、国家5A级旅游景区明十三陵。这位负责人同时表示,视频中的游客可以与景区联系,在今年任何时候,可以免费来游览明十三陵。   市旅游委再次提醒广大游客参加正规旅行社组织的旅游团,避免落入非法“一日游”的陷阱。建议游客在旅游途中,记下乘坐的旅游车车号,以备维权使用。   此外,市旅游委将以此事为例,建立对非法“一日游”、“黑导”等行为的有奖举报机制,举报热线为12301。   追访   近期将加大力度   查黑一日游   法晚(微信ID:fzwb_52165216)记者从市旅游委获悉,今年春节假期期间本市接到非法一日游投诉举报32件。   今天上午,北京旅游执法大队相关负责人表示,春节前已制定了2016年查黑一日游工作计划,在平时的查黑一日游工作中也已加强力度。“针对黑导骂游客一事,我们执法大队在全力跟进,并和相关执法部门配合。近期将加大力度查处黑一日游。”相关的主题文章: