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Beiqi Wei Wang M50F official line Guangzhou auto show car new car Sohu – Sohu []2016 October 10th, Beiqi Wei Wang announced that its official M50F models officially off the assembly line in Hunan factory in Zhuzhou, located in the new car home MPV models, the design language of Beiqi Wei Wang new words, and equipped with 1.5L 1.3T two engine. It is reported that Beiqi Wei Wang M50F will be officially listed on the Guangzhou auto show. Future planning models: to enter the 7 seat SUV: M50F, Beiqi Wei Wang has been completed before the drive rear wheel drive layout, its products are relatively low-end or high-end positioning, leaving only vertical replacement. The future will also enter the Beiqi Wei Wang 7 SUV field, this is a block with potential market segments, but it is still blank for Beiqi Wei wang. Sohu is expected to the future of this car, 7 SUV will be a product of Changan CX70 standard, commercial vehicle platform to build on, the main cost of route. [leadership] guests posed for pictures models overview: appearance: Beiqi Wei Wang M50F as a MPV models, the appearance of the design style of mature models. The new car in front of the chrome grille decorative pieces, the body side has a slightly rising waistline and tail L shaped taillights. Body size, the new car’s length and width were 47241796 1748mm (without luggage rack 1718mm), wheelbase reached 2760mm. Interior: Beiqi Wei Wang used symmetric M50F console layout, decorated with imitation wood plate, give people the feeling of regular calm. The central control area is equipped with large-size suspended touch screen, and equipped with a key start, automatic air conditioning and other configurations. In addition, the car will be used in the future 2+2+3 seven seat layout, some models of the seat will be wrapped in leather material, more in line with the positioning of its home MPV. Power: M50F Beiqi Wei Wang will be equipped with 1.5L and 1.3T two engines, which 1.5L engine maximum power of 116 horsepower (85kW), comprehensive fuel consumption can reach 6.9L 100km. Transmission system, and 1.5L engine is equipped with a 5 speed manual gearbox, and the 1.3T engine is equipped with a 6 speed manual gearbox. Nowadays, more and more consumers began to consider buying a Car Buying when MPV models, but the traditional positioning in the business MPV regardless of the size or the price is " " household; two words too far. Springing up in general, the emergence of home MPV is a good fill in the gaps in this part of the market. Beiqi Wei Wang M50F is such a model, size, space is flexible. The emergence of the two 1.3T 1.5L power combinations also enriched the consumer’s choice of space. As for the market will give this position what kind of feedback home, we wait and see.相关的主题文章: