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.munications Parents who own an Android smart phone will happy to learn there’s no need to spend a bunch of money to get good apps for the kids. There are plenty of free kids apps to keep them entertained. Let’s look at some of the best free kids apps for your android phone. Kids Paint Free If your children love to draw, they’re going to love this program that allows them to draw and paint. The controls are simple to use because they simply use their fingers to draw lines, shade, and implement a full range of colors. Basketball Shot For kids who love basketball they are going to love this basketball arcade game. Hoop practice has never been easier. The screen resembles the shot clock arcade games that are so popular. It’s timed and the challenge is to make as many hoops as you can in that time frame. Challenge your friends. Talking Tom Cat Free If your kids love animals they’re going to love Talking Tom Cat. It’s hard to believe something so simple can be so effective. Tom Cat will repeat whatever you say in funny voices. Tom Cat will play along with the user, purring when you stroke his head. Poke at his belly and he’ll get goofy. It’s a cute animation and the kids will have all kinds of fun with it. Bubble Blast 2 The game of Bubble Blast has the players identify different patterns and burst the individual bubbles. The goal is to trigger a chain reaction that bursts multiple bubbles. There are more than 200 levels and they say they will release more levels in updates. This is the perfect game for school aged kids who like to play puzzle games. Kids Numbers and Math Lite This great little free kids app is geared towards teaching your kids basic number and math skills. They can learn to add and subtract, and there are also a host of preschool activities. This kids app is set up so that as you progress things get a little harder. It’s available in English, Germ, Spanish, French, and Japanese. Angry Birds Android users have fallen hard for Angry Birds. The player launches the angry birds toward the fortress the greedy pigs built. The Pigs have stolen the birds eggs, which is why they are angry. As you progress through the levels they be.e harder and more intense. There are more angles and speeds to help you destroy the pigs. Be warned this game is addictive to all ages. Paint Joy For the child who loves colors and loves to color Paint Joy is going to be a lot of fun. No more drawing on the walls or painting the furniture. With more than 15 brushes and a full color palette. Being able to play back their drawings in movie format really keeps them entertained. You can even email your childrens work to grandparents, aunts, and uncles. They’ll have so much fun with this program. There are so many free kids apps for the android phone and the iPhone that there’s really no need to spend any money to keep your kids happy and healthy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: