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Find a place to stay abroad as a budget traveler can be a very frustrating process. While Vicky and I intend to turn to couchsurfers main source, can not guarantee that someone will be available regardless of the number of people you e-mail or a notice to give. In most cases, the next step is to turn to the hostel or share an apartment. Where are the best sites to go about this, and how they .pare against each other? Begin by examining some of the sites down and see how to deal with the request made. These sites will be reviewed and one of the best in its industry: HostelWorld HostelBookers Youth Hostels Hostelz Demand (false) Location: Berlin, Germany Dates: September 6 to 9 September 2012 Guests: 2 HostelWorld Results: 167 The lowest total price: $ 46.89 after booking fee ****** $ 2 (ranked 3 in the returned results) When you sort by lowest price offered per person / per night for all the options that cover the day requested. One thing to be careful on the first night are often cheaper than say, the second or third, so it ranks higher in search engines. For example, the first of the two hostels, which was actually only $ 50 more expensive than what I found by trying a little further down … Tip: If you subscribe to our nomadic Matt, you can get a gold card, which allows for free for 6 months of any booking fee. Jobs: There are a lot of jobs that I liked a lot. First, the search filters allow you to select the features you want, which is the clutch if you need a place on the Internet, for example. In addition, the map display feature is extremely useful if you are looking for some areas or transit distance. Berlin is a large city, and it goes straight to the point. In general, any examination is nice, but I do not pay too much attention to anything outside of the group, unless it stands out as something bad (such as cleaning). Finally, when you click on a place to display the information, he has some nice summary tables highlight the features and prices (including the days before and after your choice is possible), and in the map. Clear and consistent HostelBookers Results: 113 The lowest total price: 42,72 $ ****** NO booking fee (Class 1 in the returned results) It is important to recall a few things here. The first is that the hostel that I found here is the same as what I found at Hostelworld, but it was less than $ 4 (10%). The second is that there are no booking fees, which, if you travel a lot, and frankly could mean hundreds of dollars saved. Finally, with Hostelworld if I had some problems in that I felt the price posted was a bit misleading (it was only less expensive for the night, which was often less than 50% of nights later), I n "I did not experience this problem with HostelBookers. I’m not saying it does not This can happen, I just say I found this site to be more consistent. This is why it is ranked No. 1 in the search results ranked only 3 Hostelworld, because at Hostelworld, occupied the first two places by the houses of young people that have had nights very cheap, but the following nights expensive (due to doubling of the price). Position: This site and have the attributes HostelWorld quite similar with minor differences. For the first time I loved HostelBookers is the ability to sort by price, not only, but by whether the price is a shared room or private room that I can see certainly be a major decision by someone. The second is that they have a few things at a pub called I have not seen in HostelWorld, such as check in / out, and additions are purchased, and what has been included. Otherwise, I found that everything is pretty much the same thing. Youth Hostels Results: 163 The lowest total price: $ 46.89 after booking fee ****** $ 2 (ranked 3 in the returned results) Returned this essentially the same results as the world came down, and thus was also the same "problems" with prizes. A booking fee as well. TIP: to participate in the presentations monthly money saving Hostels.. and pay no more booking fees. Functions: in terms of price and performance of this site is very similar to HostelWorld but frankly not much in the way of its functions. It lacks some of the search filters is very important (features, for example). Finally, it was not quite as many things such as the locations mentioned above. Hostelz Results: 100 + (does not call specifically) The lowest total price: 42,72 $ ****** NO booking fee (Class 1 in the returned results) Hostelz actually .bines search results from the homes of the world, HostelBookers, came down the club, the student is and shows you the price of the book in all of them. You can literally see, for example, that HostelWorld pay more for the same place. By booking through HostelBookers you got the best deal. This is a great way to get right off the bat on a .parison between the two. Feature: a little less attractive for use because it includes some additions in the description instead of calling each of them separately as HostelBookers and Hostelworld. That said, I give credit to .pare prices, and .ments on sites that contain (Hostelworld, Hostelbookers, HostelClub, the World Student) Re.mendation: Download the Booker Although the results are returned HostelBooker much lower than some other sites, and I still prefer it for several reasons. Better and more .prehensive agreement on the prices of the source. University with the world, if you were not already done your research correctly you could end up spending only 10% and no more, but more than 100%. It is important to note that this is just one case study and results may vary. Given enough time, I’d probably see more of these sites to really make sure I get the best deal, but I think Booker Inn is my first choice for the future. 相关的主题文章: