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Big belly must eat more? Large displacement really is not equal to high fuel consumption and automobile Sohu Sohu [auto high beam] about fuel consumption, what is our first thought? Must be two words: displacement! Yes, in the eyes of most people, the displacement is large, the car will be more oil (of course, there is an auxiliary data is the number of cylinders, usually when we hear: this car eight cylinders! At the same time, we must be the first reaction of this car is definitely special oil. So, is this really the case? Large displacement, the cylinder will be more expensive oil? In fact, this situation points to discuss: two thousand years ago (here refers to 2000, not to turn the calendar forward two thousand years), in engine technology is not so advanced age, how to improve the thermal efficiency of the engine is a very people can not do things, this problem is whether the manufacturers or on the market it is true. In the design of production models, if the larger displacement, so do comparison of the cost of oil, such as we know the butterfly Ben W220 models, because the engine does not have what advanced fuel saving technology, and the body is not very important lightweight, this can be seen as, pile how much material, pile design idea of how much material, so even smaller S350 models, 100 km fuel consumption can be easily exceeded 20 oil (normal driving conditions). In fact, in the 1973 oil crisis before, in the market in the sale of large displacement cars than it is now much more (here refers to the American market, because our car market, 1973 is almost zero), in the era of cheap oil than water, does not care about what people "oil consumption" such a wet blanket. The United States has a slang called: No replacement for, translated into Chinese called: nothing can replace the large displacement of the displacement. It can be seen in the eyes of the American people, the displacement of this thing, is how important position. But after the oil crisis in the 1990s, everything changed, people suddenly found that gasoline has become extremely expensive (in fact now than still the price of cabbage), then buy a more fuel-efficient car has become an imminent thing. 2000 after the story is similar, with the development of society, energy prices have become increasingly high, so how to save the limited resources, it is important to. At the same time, the major manufacturers have also found that through the development of more fuel-efficient technology, can also prove the technical strength of the company from one side, then it seems morally, from social responsibility, even from the positive propaganda effect, invested heavily in research and development of fuel saving technology becomes we, right? Said a long time for something, we have to talk about, the modernization of the large displacement engine, in the end is what used some technology, so that once the oil intake tigers have been effectively controlled: the first to talk about closed cylinder technology this year is very popular recently, Audi recently took the very fire the 4 liter twin turbo it, actually this new Audi technology is to V8 at the appropriate time to be V4, this technology will be male相关的主题文章: