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Lotto 16115th forecast period: one area of bottoming – Sohu review period Lotto 16114th lottery number: the former district: 1617203233: 0307, the characteristics of posterior area before the number size is smaller than 3:2, the parity ratio of 2:3, and a value of 118, a span of 17, issued after the combination of 0307 odd small encyclopedia. The recommended number comprehensive recommendation: 0205111416192630 + 01030406 0211141926 + 0304: a singled out the area before the analysis of 1, size ratio: the ratio of the size of the open 3:2, missing 2 and lottery friends. The last stage of large size is slightly dominant, this period pay attention to small code covering, recommended size than 2:3 flame out. 2, parity ratio: the previous parity ratio 2:3 out, 2 consecutive appearances. The last stage of my code number is more active, this period may be concerned about the dual code of priority, recommended parity ratio 2:3 3 consecutive out. 3, three: three ratio district on the ratio of 0:3:2, the three stage of intensive area near the number, area continued cold, area two smooth, this period can focus on a rebound, the recommended three area 2:2:1. 4, leading: the leading off 16, 1 road code 5 consecutive appearance, it is worth noting that, 2 Road code has dormant 7 period did not show up, this period pay close attention to 2 Road Code actively award, recommend leading 0205. 5, Phoenix: the period of Pteris out of 33, Phoenix odd code missing 2 appeared, the recent Phoenix parity code alternately dominant number, this period may be concerned about the dual code covering number, recommended 2630 pteris. Analysis of the back of this period, after the back of the small odd odd combination 0307. In terms of size, small and big combinations appear for the 2 time in succession. In the odd and even aspect, the whole odd combination misses the 5 phase, and this period may pay attention to the odd and even combination interval appearance; recommend 01030406.

大乐透第16115期预测:一区触底反弹-搜狐  上期回顾   大乐透第16114期开奖号码为:前区:16 17 20 32 33 后区:03 07,前区号码特征为大小比3:2,奇偶比2:3,和值118,跨度为17,后区开出小大全奇组合03 07。   本期推荐   综合号码推荐:02 05 11 14 16 19 26 30 + 01 03 04 06   单挑一注:02 11 14 19 26 + 03 04   本期前区分析   1、大小比:上期大小比开出3:2,遗漏2期和彩民朋友见面。近阶段大码出号略占优势,本期留意小码回补,推荐大小比2:3隔期开出。   2、奇偶比:上期奇偶比开出2:3,连续2期露面。近阶段偶码出号较为活跃,本期可关注偶码优先,推荐奇偶比2:3连续3期开出。   3、三区比:上期三区比为0:3:2,三区近阶段密集出号,一区持续走冷,二区平稳,本期可重点关注一区触底反弹,推荐三区2:2:1。   4、龙头:上期龙头开出16,1路码连续5期现身,值得注意的是,2路码已经蛰伏7期未露面,本期密切留意2路码积极上奖,推荐龙头02 05。   5、凤尾:上期凤尾开出33,凤尾奇码遗漏2期现身,近期凤尾奇偶码交替占优出号,本期可关注偶码回补出号,推荐凤尾26 30。   本期后区分析   上期后区开出小大全奇组合03 07。大小方面,小大组合连续2期现身,本期可关注全小组合露面。奇偶方面,全奇组合遗漏5期现身,本期可关注奇偶组合隔期现身;推荐01 03 04 06。相关的主题文章: