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"Bloody funeral" intensifies the chaos of Yemen – Inner Mongolia Channel – according to Al Jazeera website reported that Yemen armed Jose said on October 8th, in the afternoon, the international coalition led by Saudi Arabia’s funeral in Yemen capital Sanaa in air strikes, killing at least 140 people were killed, 525 injured. Broadcasting British Corporation pictures showed that the scene of the attack was a mess, the house was completely destroyed, a large number of ambulances and fire engines rushed to the scene, rescue personnel continue to carry out the remains of the victims. A Jose armed officials quoted rescuers, air strikes led to the explosion so that the funeral scene "rivers of blood". It is reported that the target of the attack is the funeral of Jalal, the Minister of internal affairs of the armed Minister of the armed Cypriot community, so that the dead include more than Hu armed officials. Spokesman Mohamed Abdel Salam said the attack was "genocide" and will immediately investigate the air raid incident, with special emphasis on the participation of American experts in the investigation. The air strike was the largest single death attack since Saudi Arabia launched a decisive storm campaign against the armed forces of Saudi Arabia in March 2015. Saudi Arabia news agency issued a statement denying the attack, saying the coalition did not carry out military action on the area where the funeral was held. The incident may have been caused by other reasons, and said "military operations have always avoided similar crowd gathering occasions."". At the same time, the Saudi side also said it would initiate an investigation of the incident immediately, and invited experts from Yemen and the United States, the composition of the joint investigation team, will provide all Union troops during the attack area and the surrounding areas to perform military operations data and information for the investigation team. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon condemned the attack, saying "any attack against civilians was totally unacceptable" and urged air raids to be investigated. Derek, the humanitarian coordinator of the U.N. humanitarian coordinator in Yemen, called the attack "terrorist attack" by Jamie". The attack also led to the U.S. government’s decision to re-examine U.S. support for Saudi led military operations in Yemen and plan to reduce its military aid to Saudi arabia. White House National Security Council spokesman Preiss said, "ned? We took place at the funeral home air deeply disturbed" "the United States and Saudi security cooperation is not a blank check", "the United States of Saudi support for military action in Yemen has been greatly reduced". At present, Yemen continued deterioration of the situation, the peace process balked. CNN analysis pointed out that the Yemen crisis continued civil unrest quickly escalated into a "multilateral war", the extremist organization Islamic state "and the" base "organization to grow. This adds new uncertainties to the turbulent political environment in Yemen. On the other hand, despite the United Nations mediation, the parties to the conflict in Yemen have conducted peace talks, but so far the parties have not reached a consensus, the political settlement of the Yemen conflict is still a long way to go. (Cairo October, 9)     people’s daily (October 10, 2016 21 Edition) “血色葬礼”加剧也门乱局–内蒙古频道–人民网   据卡塔尔半岛电视台网站报道,也门胡塞武装10月8日表示,当天下午,以沙特阿拉伯为首的国际联盟对也门首都萨那的一场葬礼进行空袭,造成至少140人死亡,525人受伤。英国广播公司播放的画面显示,遇袭现场一片狼藉,房屋被完全毁坏,大批救护车与消防车赶赴现场,救援人员不断抬出遇难者遗体。一名胡塞武装官员援引救援人员的话说,空袭导致的爆炸让葬礼现场“血流成河”。  据悉,此次袭击的目标是胡塞武装内政部长贾拉勒父亲的葬礼,因此死伤者当中包括多名胡塞武装高官。胡塞武装发言人穆罕默德?阿卜杜勒?萨拉姆说,这次袭击是“种族灭绝”行为,将立即对这起空袭事件进行调查,并特别强调会有美国专家参与此次调查。  此次空袭是2015年3月沙特等国针对胡塞武装发起“决战风暴”军事行动以来,单次死亡人数最多的袭击事件。沙特通讯社发表声明对本次袭击予以否认,称联军没有对举行葬礼的区域发动过军事行动,事件可能由其他原因造成,并表示“军事行动一直以来都避开类似的人群聚集场合”。同时,沙特方面也表示将立即启动对此次袭击事件的调查,并邀请来自也门和美国的专家组成联合调查小组,将为调查小组提供联盟部队所有在袭击发生区域及周边地区执行的军事行动的数据和信息。  联合国秘书长潘基文谴责此次袭击事件,称“任何刻意针对平民的袭击都是完全不可接受的”,并敦促对空袭展开调查。联合国驻也门人道主义协调员杰米?麦戈德里克更是将此次空袭称为“恐怖袭击”。  此次袭击事件也令美国政府决定重新审视美国对沙特为首的联军在也门的军事行动的支持政策,计划减少对沙特的军事援助。美国白宫国家安全委员会发言人奈德?普莱斯说,“我们对发生在殡仪馆的空袭深感不安”,“美国和沙特阿拉伯的安全合作不是一张空白支票”,“美国对沙特在也门的军事行动的支持已经大幅减少”。  当前,也门局势持续恶化,和平进程逡巡不前。美国有线电视新闻网分析指出,持续内乱令也门危机迅速升级为“多边战争”,极端组织“伊斯兰国”和“基地”组织趁机坐大。这为原本动荡的也门国内政治环境增添了新的不确定因素。另一方面,虽然在联合国斡旋下,也门冲突各方曾进行和谈,但迄今为止各方尚未达成共识,政治解决也门冲突的道路仍然漫长。  (本报开罗10月9日电)     《 人民日报 》( 2016年10月10日 21 版) (责编:刘泽、曾晓强)相关的主题文章: