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BMW 5 Series audio conversion also choose AnyCar Annika past, the car will have installed sound, car will be on grade. But now the argument is: there is a good car audio, audio is good taste! Owners often ask, I am BMW five series of new car why to modify the sound? The BMW five series audio system is not innate tweeter, front only Alto horn and bass horn, a serious lack of high frequency. No sense of strength no sense of hierarchy, poor resolution. The details of the music is muddy, the volume is not clear, the volume will be distorted, noisy. Since the original car audio suck, it can only rely on the post refit upgrade! Car audio for vehicle is not an important part, not to say that the security component, so the car factory for car audio only as the interior to consider, that is to say, the cost of technology are less is less, can only say that the concept of "just a ring", no more consider the quality and function of the content. Manufacturers in order to reduce production costs, car audio for the car price ratio is low, and the absolute cost of car audio is low, the original car audio only with low power, low cost and low quality of host and speaker, not to say a high pitched system. Therefore only do sound, barely used it; so most of the original car audio sound quality is not good, the sense of hierarchy is not clear, the music details fuzzy turbidity, volume hours is not clear, when the volume is big, noisy distortion. So to improve the basic principles of the original car audio is the replacement of more high-quality speakers, also need to add power to push, with the tweeter and so on, must have a complete set of car audio system: CD host (head), speaker, power amplifier (PA), tweeter etc.. Of course, there are a series of auxiliary equipment: such as car noise, vibration and noise reduction, audio processor, capacitors, wire, etc.. The upgraded sound system of modification can make sound and freely, the sense of hierarchy is clear, clear, vivid sound reduction, sound natural and comfortable. The BMW five series of new car stereo sound how to choose the sound brand? Luxury car with top sound, and the BMW 5 series perfect matching top audio brand mainly Bang Olufsen and AnyCar & Annika; then in the domestic b& o customer service often lead to dissatisfaction with both riders, compared to AnyCar Annika can not only provide on-site installation services, there are 7 days free. Customer service, service is on call, in the car has been very good reputation. There are also many netizens commented AnyCar Annika most understand BMW, indeed, Annika AnyCar specifically for the BMW 5 series development and production of the BMW-L5 sound system, it contains a total power of 660 watt seven large power amplifier, 12 Annika BMW special speakers and other complete sets of standard accessories, according to BMW 5 cars in the listening position direct sound and reflected sound wave, and delay characteristics of acoustic environment, accurate calculation of the car the best speaker effect, application of nondestructive installation technology does not change without removing the original line, great reduction of pure!相关的主题文章: