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Bohai Bay Tour: two thousand yuan five days four pure play less than 4 hours – the Sohu news five days Thursday night flying Dalian Qingdao, Yantai, Weihai, Penglai tour, Dalian, accommodation, only 2159 yuan per person. In order to experience the quality of travel services and the level of travel on the market today, the eve of the National Day golden week, surging news (reporter) in a well-known tourism website ordered the above tour with the group. After five days of night "experience, surging news reporter found that the tour guides generally good attitude, no forced shopping and other obvious violations. At the same time, related to the two 5A scenic order good, clean and tidy. However, in terms of customer experience, "sold tourists shopping, false propaganda phenomenon is serious. At the same time, the so-called "five days of night" tour, the total time of the actual fare in pure play less than 4 hours. Two thousand yuan, "five days of night" flying Bohai Bay three September 19th, surging news by destination search keywords in a famous tourist site, and in accordance with the order from low to high price, the lowest price of a selected, namely "five days of night flying Dalian Qingdao" with the group tour, starting in October 1st, the full cost of only needs 2159 yuan. The tour package cost shows that the trip included from the start (Nanjing) to Qingdao and Dalian to Nanjing round-trip ticket, and all accommodation and attractions tickets contained in the first. The cost of the whole show, not only in local area and location, travel expense items are themselves. According to the characteristics of the line, with the tour of Penglai scenic area, Dingyuan ship contains The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea area, Binhai Avenue, South Korea clothing city "nine best attractions". The specific itinerary for the first day, arrived in Qingdao second days set; from Qingdao to Yantai, Penglai, arrived in Weihai at night; the third day tour in Weihai, the night boat to Dalian; the fourth day visit to Dalian, fifth days from Dalian return. During the national day ticket prices are not cheap, and Weihai to Dalian ticket in three hundred yuan, count for four nights and the "nine essence attractions" fee, this tour tour looks very cost-effective. After the order, the site staff confirmed, for the surging news reporter booked the evening of October 1st to take off from Nanjing to Qingdao flights. In September 29th, claiming to be a Qingdao travel agency staff calls, the evening of 1 arrived in Qingdao after the hotel name and address of the reporter sent to the mobile phone, and then need to go to the hotel, if you want to charge to pick up. On October 2nd at zero twenty in the morning, surging news reporter arrived in Qingdao Liuting Airport. After taking the airport bus and taxi, arrived at the Check Inn Hotel is more than two o’clock in the night. A little more than two hours, the reporter on the 2 morning at five a.m., arrived at five forty in Qingdao another hotel gate car, officially began the tour itinerary. Selling fish oil, fear of technical leaks to prohibit the video camera on the car, Lee began to tour the tour guide at the expense of their own projects. If you want to visit the Weihai 5A level scenic spots Liugong Island and Weihai "china.相关的主题文章: