Born to be a parent, you should be sorry

Born to be your parents, you should be sorry – Sohu JerkPrettyReckless – the first phase of the Southern Metropolis Daily published an article entitled "distressed 2016-10-12! 15 year old boy left a suicide note Dutch act: do not want to bite the old, do not want to do] title refers to the scum, the children will say, the story takes place in Jiangxi Ganzhou, he had died in October 9th, he knew that his poor grades and do not want to delay the other children to learn at home, do not want to become a burden. So the choice of death, bid farewell to the world. For details of the family background, the news did not make too much description, a journalist may have news every day It is quite common for this, and it is not only a Bo eye, but this child will is very reasonable, can highlight this is a do not want to drag people back home a good boy, die capable of evoking praises and tears. Touching, provide much material for thought. Who told him the idea of eating old? A 15 year old child can read the book why it must become a loser? Why can’t he go to work instead of being a good student? This is his mother’s values, who told the child? At this time, as the mainstream values of the child gave humble life, but also to be programmed into the mental health education of teenagers in the books, and cited the example of a short text of the theme is: how to enhance their own ability, have parents to live up to the party? Poor parents, so by breeding the innate ability to make a few people to share, can become a "popular hot drink" one goal, which is its own effort, let silly children to go every day, holding a small whip like feudal exploitation the landlord, urging you to Study hard, Study hard money! Fart!!! Some good learning has become a big one or nouveau riche, when mental toil for the rich hard, and distant parents, blowing Niubi, eating honey, don’t know their foolish children in their dreams. How much to eat bitter. If children are not learning, will tell you that you will be a useless waste, a scum. Why do you think the child is going to commit suicide? Why is he so afraid to become a loser? He didn’t even know it was just another way of living, because he had heard it since he was a child. Who is to say? Parents. When you say: This is because living in the countryside, big city parents certainly do not think so. That you are so naive. How many children class parents left a class right, a class, the children busy into a small idiot, 18 years after they were smoking cigarettes and drinking wine time a girl, said he lied to you in the library, is actually in Sanlitun and Wudaokou gulou. They just want to experience no fun in childhood. Said the news, one thing is particularly ridiculous, recommend reading this news below is the legislation of Shanxi province [protection of rights of the elderly, to prevent women eating the old] even if we don’t mention karma that said, normal people should also know that the reward相关的主题文章: