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Bosh: there are some minor setbacks did not affect my goal to be adorable wave to return home warmth short show Bosh resistance process of Tencent sports news September 24th earlier this week, Bosh posted a homemade video in social media, he is about to return to the court’s efforts. However, because of blood tests show Bosh return to the stadium is still a greater risk, he was banned from the team’s new season training camp. Today, Bosh made a short video response to this matter, he said there have been some minor setbacks, but does not affect his return to the stadium. Bosh responded to the rumors that Bosh plans to release his second home video this morning, because he believes he can pass a medical examination, to participate in the team’s new season training camp. But not all the way to Bosh, the blood test results in physical examination showed a blood clot in his leg has not completely eliminated, therefore also need to continue treatment, Miami has not clearly indicated that Bosh can participate in the training camp. But Bosh is confident, he intends to continue to release the video about his return to the road, and that some small setbacks can not stop him want to do, he will be able to achieve the goal. The heat is now that Bosh may not be able to engage in basketball activities, but I think he can overcome the physical problems of Bosh back to the stadium, the two sides into a stalemate. Bosh is currently unlikely to trade to other teams, after all, no team is willing to accept 1 copies of the $75 million poison contract, and the owner of the contract may not be able to play basketball. Therefore, they find solutions both happy very hard now, this accident appears within a short time is difficult to calm down. (Li Xun) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: