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Business Digital brand promotions are a great way to reach Generation Y. In fact, some Gen Y marketing experts will tell you digital brand promotions may be the only real way to reach them. This is important, because Gen Y — born between 1977 and 1994 — are worth $200 billion in spending per year, and they affect another $300 – $400 billion in family spending (i.e. restaurants, clothing, and even cars). But they’re ignoring ads on traditional media, choosing instead to consume media online and on their cell phones, the home of digital brand promotions. So they’re not actually seeing your TV .mercials, hearing your radio spots, or reading your newspaper ads. This will actually make life easier for the brand promotions manager. As Generation Y consumes more media online, your digital brand promotions can be quickly created, easily tracked, and changed or dropped when you find something is working. Gone are the days of traditional brand promotions through TV ads and radio campaigns, where you had to wait until the end of the sales quarter to see if your efforts had any effect. Gone are the days of guessing whether it was your billboards or the TV spots that resulted in the most sales. With digital promotions, you can get real-time results and see if people are buying, watching, or downloading whatever product or service you’re selling. If they’re not, change a few of the creative variables and see if that makes a difference. Social media sites like Facebook and MySpace are a great way to reach Gen Yers and effective avenues to build a database for your brand promotions campaign. Purchase digital ads that are delivered to people who your target demographic. For example, you could promote an concert by selecting people between the ages of 18 – 24 in the cities on the tour. Brand managers collect names to build a marketing database, by offering social media users free music downloads or ringtones to people who register for the promotional giveaway. You can further enhance your concert brand promotions by offering prizes or swag to the fans who promote the concert to their friends, asking them to forward it to their friends. Then, collect everyone’s information, and you’re also building a future contact list of fans where you can promote future concerts, albums, and merchandise. Gen Y is responding to digital promotions and prize offerings in a big way. Text messaging is another great way to reach Generation Y, because they’re texting like crazy. A recent report on NielsenWire says the average teenager is texting 3,146 times per month. So your digital brand promotions should include texting. Text promotions reach these consumers in their element. Whether you’re creating an opt-in text club, or including ads as part of a service, like sports scores or news updates, people are more willing to accept brand promotions messages as a part of a service. And the more useful your service is, the more often they’ll see your ad. In fact, according to an article in the New York Times, during the 2008 NFL draft, Coors sent text messages about draft pick updates and put Coors branding on each message. Generation Y is also skipping the TV in order to watch YouTube and Hulu videos instead. If you got the brand promotions budget for it, consider placing ads on Hulu videos, rather than buying a TV .mercial. Since Hulu will only show 3 or 4 .mercials per 30 minute show, people are more willing to sit through them, rather than getting up or flipping around. Several of our friends have watched shows on Hulu, and actually even taken the time to rate .mercials, rather than ignore them. In short, Generation Y is online, and they’re responding to those brands that .municate directly with them. Rather than trying to reach them through traditional promotions, give digital brand promotions a try instead. .municating with Gen Y through relationship marketing is a surefire way to reach them and get them to respond to you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: