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British media: British or approved Hinkley point nuclear power plant will be delayed for another nuclear power project – Sohu news July 13th, in London, Britain’s new prime minister Teresa? Mei spoke at No. 10 Downing street downing. Xinhua News Agency reporter Han Yan Photo Reference News Network August 31 news media said, the British government is considering a resolution suggestion: that the approval from the Chinese construction of a reactor in Essex protocol stripping Hinkley point nuclear power plant project. The British "Guardian" website published in August 29th entitled "the British government could approve the Hinkley point nuclear power plant project, but to postpone the Essex project" the article said, according to "the times" reported that the plan is Teresa? One of the options after delayed approval last month Mei 18 billion pound hinck profit angle projects under consideration. Reported that Teresa was concerned about China? May participate in the construction of the first nuclear power plant project in England for ten years in the Somerset construction and subsequent agreement agreed to China in Essex and Suffolk Brad Maxwell sizewell reactor construction. Reported that in September last year, in a project aimed at easing the financial pressure on the French power company contractors and forge a closer relationship with Chinese agreement, the government won Chinese trading on the Hinkley point nuclear power project investment 1/3. But then Teresa, the then home secretary, objected to the deal. After being elected prime minister, which may require a project beyond all expectations. "The times", a Buckingham Palace now consider the Hinckley angle project is approved, but put off the Brad Maxwell reactor decided to investigate the impact of the project on the British security. Reported that any attempt to split the project from Chinese to Hinckley corner of the British nuclear reactor agreement efforts will endanger the entire agreement, because the station is going to Chinese Brad Maxwell in Europe to establish nuclear technology demonstration project. France’s state-owned energy group electric power company in July approved the construction of Hinkley point project, a few months earlier have doubted whether there is sufficient financial resources to bear this huge project. 28, the French power company British chief executive Vincent? Oise China Delhi called on Britain to suspend participation project concerns. "We understand and trust our Chinese partners," he wrote in the Sunday telegraph." He said that China’s participation in the construction of the project has great interest in the United kingdom". China has the world’s largest civilian nuclear power projects. (compile Zheng Guoyi)相关的主题文章: