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Software As manufacturing organizations around the world continue to look to lower costs in order to compete with their global counterparts, they must implement solutions that not only allow them to cut expenditure but also improve productivity. Meeting target output is the number one objective of organizations within the manufacturing sector and so achieving a cost efficient work schedule program in which all in-house resources are assigned according to the companys production requirements is the ideal strategy. Software specialists Tugboat Software have now introduced a program that will help companies achieve their target objectives while streamlining costs immeasurably. Newport Beach based Tugboat Software has long been recognized for their ability to fine-tune workforce scheduling in manufacturing operations utilizing the latest software design techniques. Their landmark SOS platform has been the centerpiece to high-performance business operations within manufacturing sector companies the world-over. Global leaders such as Nestle and General Mills depend upon the companys exceptional software solution to build an in-house work schedule program that enables them to deliver high quality products within a time-sensative timeframe. Its this kind of notoriety that has helped the Tugboat SOS platform become one of the leading commercially available automation tools. One of the core benefits provided to the organization when working with the Tugboat System is that it caters to the fluctuating levels of demand within manufacturing environments. The SOS platform now features an event scheduling module that allows management to seamlessly integrate meetings and other company events within a work schedule program while still maintaining productivity. The program ensures that personnel attend training meetings and automatically finds skilled replacements for staff while the meeting is on-going. For the modern HR department, Tugboat Softwares SOS platform is the requisite tool to reduce administrative workload. Through the use of a flexible self-service portal integrated within the SOS platform, company employees can apply for desired resources such as vacations, time off, preferred shifts and job advancements without every requiring interaction with HR professionals. This serves two benefits to the modern organization. Firstly, it allows employees to take ownership of their role within the company, giving them the confidence to take on more personal responsibility and improving job satisfaction. Secondly, it lowers workload for HR staff presenting the organization with greater resources to take on operational challenges. Another advantage of implementing the SOS platform from Tugboat Software is that it provides management personnel with immediate access to in-depth analysis and reporting about workforce scheduling. The platform is linked to an appServer which manages data from the work schedule program in real-time. As a result managers can find out which components of their workforce are working efficiently and which are not, for cutting-edge optimization that ensures the company is always improving its working efficiency. The team at Tugboat Software is ready to answer any client questions concerning their innovative SOS platform. To learn more, simply contact the organization today and speak with one of their in-house technical experts. Achieving high performance has never been this simple and cost-effective. About Tugboat Software: Tugboat Software specializes in workforce management with a focus on labor scheduling. Tugboat’s Schedule Optimizing Software is designed to automate your labor schedules while putting the right person in the right job at the right time. Labor-scheduling. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: