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Mobil-Computing Cross platform stands for multiple platforms that feature and concepts implemented over multiple platform. Cross platform mobile app development can divided into two types one required individual building and other can be directly run on any platform. Basically cross platform mobile application development is a different approach to build mobile apps. Using this technique mobile app developer can write a single code which runs over different mobile applications. Some years ago developer facing a problem with mobile app development process, most of the application runs on only one mobile platform as like iOS application not able to run in Android phones. To overcome this problem cross platform mobile app development comes in scenario. Cross platform mobile app development is simply a framework in that developer can create app with some tools like Phone Gap, Sencha touch and titanium using HTML5 and JAVA codes. Multi-platform tools such as phonegap are designed to make developers lives easier by creating one code for all platforms. In all of the above codes PhoneGap development is most popular tool among cross platform app developer. Advantages of cross platform technology Now in the present era cross platform mobile app development technology comes with new loaded and innovative features that make easy to develop mobile apps. While the cross platform app developer works hard to build apps but the end it gives a good result. The code can be used to create native apps that run on different mobile platforms. This can help save a lot of time cut down cost and build different apps in mobile world. Build great and friendly apps with less effort. Combine with third party APIs with ease. Use Ajax, JAVA script and other languages for mobile app development. Runs app over different Smart phones Cross platform app development provide flexibility to the apps. Developing an app for iPhone requires expertise in several technologies, while Smartphone application development buzzing commands over a separate set of skills. The Another benefit of cross platform mobile app development the maintenance cost of apps goes down because you not need to write different codes only one code can work as a result not need to hire more mobile app developer. So if you wish to develop mobile apps with a low cost then choose cross platform is the right way to investment and increase your apps popularity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: