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Outsourcing Business Intelligence is the process of an organization to collect data in raw format, organize the data and then maintenance of that data. This data .es in raw format and then processed as information to provide new opportunity in global markets for increasing the revenue rates. Identifying that opportunity, processing that opportunities and then ac.plishing the tasks are totally based on that raw data. Business Intelligence works for historical, current and predictive views of business operations. The goal of business Intelligence used to produces the better decision-making processes on the basis of business operations. This decision support system is used to making the path for the business .panies to supporting them for their better revenues rate graph. Some factors could be defined on the specific perspective of their analysis. The major factors that affecting BI reports are as follows, Online analytical processing used for analyzing the data that has been surrounded over the internet. Data Mining is the most powerful factor used to .press the data and making some extra spaces in your hard-drive etc. Process mining used to organizing the processes on a priority basis to executing the task. .plex event processing is the strategically approach to remove the .plex structure in a short period of time. Business performance management is used for making the pie chart of all the processes that have been run during the business operations. Benchmarking is the process for analyzing the best process on the basis of .pared with other industries. Text mining is used for removing the error free structure of the file for generating simple structure. Predictive analytics is used for predicting the future analysis on business operations on the basis of historical and current statistical report. .petitive intelligence report would also be beneficial in .petitive markets locally or globally. This report works when different organizations are supporting same decision making strategy, and then they would work as the .petitors to each other. Import Export Data is an international report that have the information regarding the shipment details like Importers or Exporters name, HS code of their products and covered over 20 fields generated in excel. Business Intelligence report generated the structural report with predictive analysis of that such kind of data. Business Intelligence works as an action to supporting your desired goals in your business, said by IBM researcher Hans Peter Luhn. Business Intelligence works from 1980 for supporting all business .panies worldwide. Business Intelligence reports is totally based on how to business should be implemented. And after that how the business operations has been executed to making the satisfactory output. Maintenance holds around 45% of all the processes. It holds the out.e revenue rates and changing them for better, if necessary. All stakeholders are responsible for making the strategically decision for the specific analysis and then executed the task on that decision-making processes. The amount of Business Intelligence report is totally based on the quality and quantity of that reports. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: