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Buy: Custom PK finished products, or custom good? ?? In the traditional wardrobe Market, refined wardrobe and carpenter chipped wardrobe is a main choice for consumers, but in recent years, more and more consumers choose a whole wardrobe. What are the reasons for the custom, finished products, woodworking wardrobe advantages and disadvantages? 1, finished wardrobe: finished furniture manufacturers to create a wardrobe, can be in the building materials market, home stores, brand stores, such as buy. Brand products produced by the wardrobe, materials, workmanship, environmental protection, etc. are more reliable, and more styles and styles, the choice of rich, that is, buy and install, without waiting for a long time. However, the product may not be combined with the wardrobe room decoration style perfect; at the same time, finished the wardrobe with fixed size, not combine with the perfect living space, such as wardrobe can not do the roof, resulting in a waste of space, the daily cleaning trouble; in addition, the finished wardrobe internal structure is fixed, can according to consumer use features customized, personalized products humanization degree is not high. ?? 2, the whole wardrobe: also called the custom wardrobe, wardrobe into the wall, closet, custom closet is manufacturing enterprises according to the consumer demand for customized products. The overall wardrobe brand products produced in the material, workmanship, environmental protection are guaranteed. The whole wardrobe consists of a cabinet door and a cabinet body, consumers can according to the family decoration style choices consistent with the cabinet door; the cabinet can also according to their own habits to choose clothes hanging space, drawer, shelf, mirror, trousers rack structure. At the same time, the overall wardrobe can be customized according to the actual size of the room space, to achieve the perfect use of living space. ?? Buy a whole wardrobe, generally by the brand designers on-site measurements, in determining the design and communication order, will be sent to the production orders. At present, the uneven shipping companies in the industry, ranging from more than and 10 days to more than and 20 days, consumers need to wait a long time. In addition, the overall wardrobe prices are relatively high. ?? 3, carpenter chipped wood wardrobe closet is chipped wood decoration companies in the decoration according to the requirements of the owners, for the owners of the scene manual wardrobe. Carpenter chipped wardrobe more convenient, cheap, tailored site also let a space usage greatly improved. However, the lack of professional woodworking equipment, materials can not be guaranteed, the process depends on the experience and ability of the producer, quality and beauty are not guaranteed. For example, because there is no professional carpenter chipped edge machine, usually by hand or edge sealing, sealing and fine degree will be poor. At the same time, in the production process, the use of large amounts of glue and paint, easily lead to a large number of harmful chemicals released. In addition, carpenter chipped chest does not have the customer service service, the wardrobe no maintenance in use. ?? In the traditional wardrobe Market, refined wardrobe and carpenter chipped wardrobe is a main choice for consumers, but in recent years, more and more consumers choose a whole wardrobe. ?? Human aspects: wardrobe disassembly more convenient?? "traditional woodworking cabinets are not easy to move, fixed forming defects, if the old want to move or re disassembly is very difficult." An employee said that the overall wardrobe does not exist in the field of production problems, just in the decoration of the basic completion of the direct -相关的主题文章: