Canon Copier Security – Is Your Hard Drive

.puters-and-Technology With the ongoing development of technology, particularly in the area of office productivity, the fact that most of the multifunction centers and photocopiers on the market these days contain Hard Disk Drives (HDD’s) is no surprise to anyone in the industry. Most of these people are one step ahead of the consumer market in terms of what the HDD incorporation means for end users. For those who do not understand the inclusion of an HDD in a multifunction center or photocopier, here is a simplified explanation. When we think of a hard disk drive we normally think of a .puter. We know that each .puter has one, and that is where everything that we do, see and hear on the .puter is stored for later retrieval. It is the main storage area of any .puter, and now we find the same thing in other office machines. Of course from the aspect of what some of these modern machines can do, on board storage is required; however the inherent risks are also present. Most people think that when something is deleted from a hard drive, that material is gone forever. This of course is not the case at all. A good .puter technician and of course forensic .puter experts can easily retrieve any material that has at some point been stored on the hard drive. There are of course methods for the average .puter user to make all deletions permanent, but generally the majority of users have no idea how to implement such security measures. Of course the inclusion of the HDD on a multifunction center means that your sensitive data may now be stored there as well. Canon has developed a new security system to run in conjunction with Canon machines using the imageRUNNER platform. This security for your hard disk drive can do many things, including but not limited to, guaranteeing that any data stored to the hard drive is absolutely deleted from the system when the user .mands it. There is no way that any trace can be found of sensitive data, when you are using this security measure. It also offers the ability to use HDD encryption. in fact with the security kit, all standard requirements have been met. With an add-on it is possible to configure 256-bit data encryption. This means that once any data is written to the drive, it is almost impossible for anyone without approval a means to recover that data. With features like Certified Security, HDD Data Encryption, and HHD Erase, you would be well advised to look into the potential of your own security package. If you have not enabled your alternative security procedures to protect your HDD data, you should. Although not .patible with every Canon machine yet, there are a large number of .patible Canon office machines, that will utilize this new security feature. We all know how easy it can be for others to access our data on our .puter hard drives, and the same simplicity will be.e .monplace with multifunction printers and photocopiers. With this Canon copier security installed in your system, you can ensure your data is too secure for removal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: