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The capital region link high-speed start before the end of the year is called "big seven ring" – Beijing Capital Region link high-speed start before the end of the municipal government supervision deputy city center construction earthwork filling universal studios at the end of October start 18 days, second municipal government inspection teams focused on the Beijing city center traffic infrastructure project, and a global theme park resort project, deputy center construction fund investment supervision etc.. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned that, at present, Universal Studios underground chemical pipelines has been removed, the end of October this year, Universal Studios project is expected to officially start the earthwork filling. In the future, Tongzhou is expected to build a small number of parking facilities in the vicinity of residential areas, public places. The underground studios were removed chemical pipeline inspection team first came to Tongzhou empress Xiao River (Universal Studios section) modification project, in order to universal flood control safety, empress Xiao River river will combine together with the original studios construction, as the studios in the water landscape. The original river 500 meters south of the excavation of the new river, the river is about 4.5 km long, 350 million yuan of investment, will not hinder the function of flood discharge. The same day, the site has been basically completed underwater works, shore workers are doing basic work for landscaping. October will be the construction of landscape projects, the end of this year, the entire work of the Queen’s Green River will be completed 60%. The inspection team then went to Universal Studios in the pipeline site, according to the relevant person in charge of Tongzhou District, ethylene, nitrogen and oxygen three long-distance pipeline total length of 80 kilometers, in the territory of Tongzhou, a length of about 10 km, including cultural tourism zone length of 6.5 km. Guan Xianqian’s 80 centimeters underground, up to a depth of up to 4 meters. This time, the Langfang Pipeline Bureau to investigate the scene, the development of the demolition plan, the preparation of pollution disposal and other emergency plans, the pipeline in late July was completed. This year, the completion of the sewage treatment in 70 villages in the project scheduling meeting, the Municipal Water Authority official said, the city’s deputy center water projects progressing smoothly. Second years of action plan to determine the governance of Tongzhou black smelly water 53 km of 258 km of three. At present, Yongshun, Liyuan, Songzhuang, Lucheng, Taiwan lake, a total of 6 villages and towns Zhangjiawan black odor water treatment scheme has been completed. Plan for the construction of sewage interception pipeline 28 kilometers, the implementation of river dredging project of 610 thousand cubic meters. This year, Tongzhou will be completed 70 villages sewage treatment, a total of 1.4 cubic meters of sewage treatment daily. For the safety of the flood season before June 30, 2017 next year, the city will complete the "7? 20", "8? 12" torrential rain water damage repair and emergency rescue 65 projects, including the Yongding River, Lianghui River, Tonghui river restoration, a total investment of 1 billion 720 million yuan. Improve the watershed scheduling system, overpass water supply monitoring system, emergency rescue capabilities and other 5 projects. Universal studios at the end of October to start the first earthwork filling brigade group responsible person, the end of October this year, Universal Studios project is expected to officially start the earthwork filling, which is an important foundation of the construction project construction of the underground studios, including about 5 million 400 thousand cubic meters of miscellaneous fill excavating, processing, backfilling and compaction, and the site will be filled to a certain height, meet the flood drainage fortification Lu相关的主题文章: