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"Car Free Day" slightly deserted: many people Tucao more formalism [Abstract] in September 22nd, is China’s tenth "car free city National Day", this year’s theme is "green traffic change fusion". As an exotic, "no car day" from 1988 sponsored by the French youth national city "City Car Free Day" [light] commentary in September 22nd, is China’s tenth "car free city National Day", this year’s theme is "green traffic change fusion". As an exotic, "National City Car Free Day" from 1988 by the French young people launched the "City Car Free Day" activities, through the voluntarily abandoned cars, enhance the people’s environmental protection and green travel ideas. Compared to the beginning of the lively and noisy, this year’s car free day seems a little deserted". Not only the media do not have any major moves, many places to carry out the activities of small. More cities instead chose to publish proposal + bus ride free package. At the beginning of the "no car day", many people regard it as a kind of "show", and they are also willing to join in the large-scale group behavior art to call for a kind of idea and express an attitude. Helpless, the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. Willing to abandon the car and choose the bus or subway, bus status quo is often face too, blocking the crowded subway. So time-consuming effort to toss a few times, and more enthusiasm and patience will be exhausted. Simply count an account to the public, "no car day" to choose green travel can reduce carbon emissions, how much social benefits, it can bring more people to join them temporarily, but any kind of concept establishment, all cannot do without the guidance of life. If the public can not truly appreciate the city public transportation system is convenient, can not find the green travel "some of the correct way to open", then the "Car Free Day" cold is an inevitable thing. Many people Tucao no car day more formalism, largely because of the fact that the reality of green travel can not find a full sense of. From the mandatory limit line to moderate grooming to focus on initiatives, ten years, no car day in many cities in China have experienced such a process. The whole process is cool although seemingly cold treatment, but on the other side of the coin, but also the majority of city managers gradually realize the process of "Car Free Day" in essence and lining. Many city "Car Free Day" is not limited to the line not disturbing, it is for public travel inertia respect, change the concept of progressive adaptation; and choose to provide free tickets, bus ride the bus card recharge concessions, to open the bus and subway, it is also in the grasp of "person" the key. After all, the "Car Free Day" is more symbolic than real meaning, it is intended to play a wake-up function, to awaken people to rethink the people and cars, people and people, relations between human and nature, and as for how to wake up toward the ideal vision forward, to build a more perfect system of city public transportation, it is more important the proposition is left to the city administrators exam. Choose a day in a year to show "easy", but to solve the problem of the car, it is far from being able to carry that day, the need for 365 days every day online action相关的主题文章: