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"Catfish" in Fujian caused about 2000000 power outages of more than 2000 people to repair the grid – Sohu news Beijing, Fuzhou, September 29 (Long Min Liu Danqing) the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" with the wind and rain landing in Fujian, causing serious damage to Fujian power grid. State Grid Fujian Province Power Company Limited 28 evening disclosure, as of September 28th 16, "catfish" caused a total of Fujian accumulated about 2000000 users blackouts. At present, the State Grid Fujian Electric Power Co., Ltd. has gathered 2140 people across the province to support the affected areas of Fuzhou, Ningde power grid repair. Although the "catfish" typhoon center wind is only 12, but due to the wide range of cloud, caused by thunderstorms, rainfall, up to 28 on the morning of 11, the province has 134 towns and 24 hour rainfall reached 250 mm or more, given the level of heavy rainstorm, 8 townships rainfall over 400 mm, the affected area of power grid covers the province; and because the local wind over 14, coastal areas of low-voltage power grid rod broken severely damaged roads, trees, dumping, greatly increased the difficulty of repair. State Grid Fujian Electric Power Co., responsible person, although more rain, more severe waterlogging, but the distribution station flooded outage did not occur. Previously, in accordance with the "government funded construction, civil construction, electric power supply enterprises funded Housing Authority coordination" in August 24th, ahead of the completion of this waterlogged area underground distribution station relocation work. The official also introduced the province’s hospitals, water supply, railways, communications base stations and other lifeline project users are normal power supply. It is understood that before the typhoon, Fujian electric power organization of the province’s "lifeline", where the user feeder station area, emergency power supply, the specific location information to check the power supply, to carry out safety hazards investigation, to ensure that users of flood control and waterlogging prevention, power distribution room and oil in place. At present, the province’s total aggregation distribution cross to support the 85 teams, 2140 people, 8 vehicles and mobile power cars, went to Fuzhou, Ningde to carry out emergency power supply. 28 afternoon to night, there are heavy rains in most parts of the province, including Ningde, Fuzhou, Putian, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, Longyan City, the six part of the township of heavy rain, will greatly increase the difficulty of repair power grab power. Through the efforts of the current 67% tolls power users to restore power. (end)相关的主题文章: