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Cerebral infarction is not a patent for the elderly, young people will happen! Sohu – health or cerebral infarction cerebral infarction is an ischemic stroke, refers to the various causes of brain blood supply disorder, the local cerebral ischemia and hypoxia and necrosis, resulting in irreversible damage, a disease eventually nerve dysfunction. In life, we can see a lot of patients with ischemic stroke, most of them are suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic diseases of the elderly. But if you think a cerebral infarction or cerebral infarction occurs only in the elderly! Not only is it possible for young people to develop ischemic stroke, and more and more young people have been found to have ischemic stroke! One day, for example, a man at the age of 31 was sent to the resuscitation room, and the patient had a consciousness barrier. For young people’s awareness of the disorder is the common: cerebral hemorrhage, brain tumors, epilepsy, hypoglycemia, poisoning, etc.. At the beginning, no one thought it would be an ischemic stroke, because the patient had no positive pathological signs, and ischemic stroke was not the first consideration. If it is an elderly patients with mental disorders, I think most people may first think of the brain in addition to cerebral hemorrhage is ischemic stroke. Later, magnetic resonance imaging of the head to help diagnose the 31 year old young people with ischemic stroke, because the treatment in a timely manner, so the patient’s treatment effect is very good. However, if the patient’s diagnosis is not diagnosed in time, such as the doctor did not take into account the possibility of ischemic stroke, such as the hospital did not have nuclear magnetic resonance, but only the case of ordinary Ct? Why do young people suffer from diseases that we thought were only old people? In fact, young people with cerebral infarction is not uncommon, it is necessary to account for the total cerebral infarction between 3%-20%. A common cause of ischemic stroke in young people are: hypertension, atherosclerosis, rheumatic heart disease, atrial fibrillation, arteritis, cerebral vascular dysplasia, alcoholism, smoking and so on! For women, there is also an important reason that long-term oral contraceptives can lead to the formation of thrombosis! Of course, in addition to these common reasons, there are about 10% of patients can not find a clear cause. But for the vast majority of patients, the most basic reason is hypertension arteriosclerosis, high blood fat and heart disease. For example, the 31 year old young man, although he did not appear on the surface of the disease, and his family denied the patient’s history. However, careful inquiry is still the answer. That is, patients with long-term hyperlipidemia, and is significantly elevated, because there is no symptoms, so patients do not care. There is also a large number of patients with long-term smoking, the average daily amount of cigarettes in 40 or so! There is no such thing as love in the world without any reason or cause. It’s just that we’re not aware of the changes that have taken place! All in all, we can’t think of ourselves as young and indulge in unhealthy lifestyles. Let more people.相关的主题文章: