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Chaoyang new two   slow traffic demonstration area; strengthen the pedestrian and bicycle road – Beijing Channel – original title: Chaoyang two new slow traffic demonstration area newspaper news (reporter Zuo Ying) this year, Chaoyang District new two slow transportation demonstration area in rural cottage, anzhen street, standardize the regional traffic order, at the same time in order to protect pedestrians and riders of the green travel way, completed the 31.4 km bike lanes and 28 roads totaling 128 thousand square meters trail management. In Chaoyang District Yaojieyuan area slow transportation demonstration area construction project site, after the municipal workers finally again laying oil transportation demonstration area of the transformation of the area is nearing completion. The asphalt pavement, we will be laying color non motorized traffic signs, walking around the park will set the logo, convenient for residents to travel ", Chaoyang District Municipal Committee of the relevant person in charge, in the demonstration area, some non motor vehicle lane intersection will be painted red, conspicuously marked right. The person in charge, with the rapid increase in the number of motor vehicles and the growing demand for traffic travel, pedestrian and bicycle travel rights are squeezed. In view of this situation, Chaoyang District decided in some areas of focus on building construction and transportation demonstration area, through the designated non motorized lane markings and color settings, add paving car stop facilities optimization design layout, strengthen the pedestrian and bicycle travel way, establish a relatively perfect and safe city walking and cycling system, in order to alleviate the regional traffic the order of chaos, congestion and other conditions. The cottage, anzhen two slow transportation demonstration area delimit the 11.2 kilometers of non motor lane, set 15.4 km of paved road TRAIL resistance color, adding more than 460 car pile, to build the city green diversion road vehicles and pedestrians, let people walk, ride more fun, more secure. In the future, Chaoyang District will gradually promote the construction of slow traffic demonstration area in the region. In creating the slow transportation demonstration area at the same time, Chaoyang District has also broken through the open and complete Dutou Road, roads and other measures to improve the residents travel conditions. As of now, Chaoyang District has opened up the Qingnian Road Timber Factory Road, North Village cottage, Ma Ge Zhuang Road, coal machinery factory 10 broken road Dutou Road, and road repair work has been basically completed. At the same time, through the new, underground civil air defense transformation, wrong parking and other means, the addition of various types of parking spaces 5649, further ease the difficulty of parking area, parking chaos. In order to meet the needs of people short trips, this year also focus on the fourth and fifth in the subway station surrounding the additional more than and 100 public bike rental site, will add 4000 public bike rental, the Chaoyang public bike rental total nearly 10000 vehicles. For the first time to achieve diversification of customized bus services, new Wuyi garden to Shuangjing, Shuangjing to Ciqu, KQR district to Dongzhimen beach, crossing 8 business shuttle. J170 (high star, commissioning editor Bao Congying)相关的主题文章: