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Charity law, how much do you know? September 1st, the People’s Republic of China charity law formally implemented in September 5th will usher in the first Chinese charity day". In order to help you understand the charitable law of China’s charitable sector, the first basic, comprehensive law, China Charity Federation prepared a charity law knowledge quiz, come and learn about it! Answer: according to the "charity law" provisions of article third, natural persons, legal persons and other organizations to donate property or provide services in the form of resources to carry out the following six aspects of the public welfare activities belong to charitable activities: (a) the poor and poverty alleviation; (two) to help the old, homeless, disease, disability, special care and help shirt; (three) relief of natural disasters, accidents and public health incidents and other emergencies caused by damage; (four) to promote the development of education, science, culture, health, sports and other undertakings; (five) prevent and control environmental pollution, protecting and improving the ecological environment; (six) in accordance with the provisions of this Law and other public welfare activities. With respect to poverty alleviation, relief, help the old, disabled, disaster relief as the main content of the traditional charity, "the provisions of the law" charity charitable activities including the promotion of education, science, culture, health and sports development, protection of the ecological environment to promote the public interest activities, constitute a "charitable" concept. A: in accordance with the provisions of article eighth of the charity law, charitable organizations are established in accordance with the law, in line with the provisions of the charity act, to carry out charitable activities for the purpose of social non-profit organizations. The so-called non-profit refers to charitable organizations should not be for the purpose of charitable activities, but not to say that charitable organizations can not be profitable or profitable, or to carry out charitable activities must be free. Charitable organizations in order to achieve the value of property preservation or investment in accordance with the law to provide a reasonable service fee is permitted by law, but the proceeds or profits must continue to be used for charitable purposes, shall not be distributed. Charitable organizations can take the form of foundations, social groups and social service organizations. The foundation is a non-profit legal entity that makes use of donated property to engage in public welfare undertakings, such as the China Youth Development Foundation and the China Disabled Welfare foundation. The social group is a non-profit social organization, which is composed of citizens, which can realize the common wish of the members, such as the China Charity Federation, the China Environmental Protection Association, the China Poverty Alleviation and Development Association, etc.. The social service organization refers to the social organization which is engaged in the non-profit social service activities by using the non-state-owned assets. A social organization is a charitable organization, and ultimately need to be identified by the civil affairs department. Answer: individuals can not open to the community fund-raising. Donation means that the use of other people’s money to do charity, this process might have problems with money embezzlement etc.. Charitable organizations as in the Department of civil affairs and public supervision under the management of the use of donations and funds will be more standardized and transparent, while the other person or organization because it is difficult to have effective supervision, so in order to ensure that funds will not be invaded, the object of law will be able to carry out fundraising is limited to the range of charitable organizations. If a person really need to carry out public donations, charitable organizations can work with public donations have qualifications, by the charity fundraising and open management to raise funds, to comply with.相关的主题文章: