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Chibi Maruko – tells the person should have the quality of entertainment – Sohu 25 anniversary of only three theatrical version, is really very precious [really], but the island tourism suspects, the streets of Osaka who kindly passerby at the moment to remind us, a trip to Japan, the simple folk here. Only read a few days ago, Conan M20, Conan, compared to the new ball, really a lot of low-key, more than and 20 years is still around the ball and its family and classmates, about family, friendship, or some simple things of life, laughter and tears, but so sincere, let a person feel this is life in small indeed fortunate. This film is very simple, six different countries children come to Japan to exchange learning, they have deep friendship with my classmates. Overbearing President hanawa students is really rich and powerful, arranged two team travel, whether on the streets of Osaka or the ancient temples of Kyoto delicacy wind is so wonderful, exotic buddies to enjoy the local customs and practices in japan. Childhood buddy is memorable for each of us, because childhood is like a clear stream, whether it is muddy sand or pebbles can be pretty rounded, and your buddy is crucial, maybe they are likely to affect our future values and outlook on life. My kids really cute kids, fine, really sweet imperceptibly teach us a lot of light and truth of life: Tips1: more sincere, less routine. Can not deliberately play so deep routines more sincere will make people love. You look at the people of Sakura Momoko students, say you, Maruo classmates, you can not put a pair of you is Curve Wrecker attitude? Look at the nouveau riche hanawa students You’ll see. was much disliked. My most valuable is sincere, seem to stay adorable but often stunned, "friends must cherish it." "expect others is never happy." "I will not lie to their hearts" and "the most important thing is to" Relax "as long as you live will be able to meet"… The routine is too deep, really tired, in fact, daydream, in a daze, vent absolutely healthy! Tips2: contentment. This is a very easy to meet the little girl, to the point of the sun on the bright, low point of laughter, tears are also low. So in the philosophy of life, "a day to eat five pieces of chocolate like in heaven", and in my philosophy of life, a sugar is bored in a good afternoon, you can make me happy. Yes, happy to enjoy every bit of happiness, can not go to Osaka to Kyoto is also a good thing, anyway, is the flower round students treat waves. Although like Andre went to Osaka to find the Izakaya, but still have the opportunity to go. Sure! We ah, is usually a variety of dissatisfaction is not a lot of trouble? No comparison no harm, ten thousand crit usually comes from you to myself and others, of course, this is sometimes motivate yourself on.相关的主题文章: