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Children do homework, parents should not accompany? – Sichuan Channel – People’s original title: children do homework, parents should not accompany? "Don’t talk about homework, even with his loving mother and dutiful son, hold. To do homework, or shout general turmoil, oh." In this regard, the public Zhao deep feelings, every night to accompany her daughter to become a part of her daily life. Busy all day, has been very tired, can not accompany the child to do homework is not assured. The child is not wrong is wrong strokes, subject. I said her, she also lost her temper." It is a frustrating thing to accompany the child to do homework? In the end do not accompany the child to do homework? This week’s viewpoint, about doing homework with children, we visited a number of parents in Tonglu. Micro survey: supervise the completion, to cultivate the habit of most parents choose to accompany I randomly asked 7 parents of pupils, they both said, children with their homework, or their family members will accompany beside. Most of the time is to let the children do their homework, little interference, mainly to help them focus on the role of." Children just a year in primary school, the people of the week, said: "because of their age, a lot of words do not know. I’ll have to read him a question. I come home from work every day, the first task is to accompany the child to do homework." Ms. Zhou said, and so the child will look up the dictionary, with the help of the book, and will not accompany him to do homework. A father recalls, three years ago, he will accompany her daughter to do homework. "When I was young daughter hyperactivity, inattention, write began to play with toys. I am beside is urging her will from time to time, zizijuju stared at her which questions wrong." Now her daughter in grade five, doing homework is very conscious, he will no longer do homework with the children. Asked the child: parents like this, I do not like it, I think, my mother accompanied by homework only one purpose, that is, pick my fault, bored to death!" The third grade of Xiaojiang said parents beside supervision work he write well. "Every time I do my homework, I think, when my mother left." The fourth grade Kobayashi also said, in fact there are some mistakes in her homework to check out, but before she found that parents "eye" to give her out, accusing her of not careful, a long time, she did not want to check the homework, "anyway to be approved,. Check a check!" Seven year old Yang also do not like his parents to accompany him to do homework. Every time they are playing with the phone, while urging me to write quickly, the most excessive is also voice chat. Where do I have the mind to do homework?" How to accompany: role model is very important to learn a good mood to write homework, parents are in the side and do? "When I started working with my kids, I would play with my cell phone. Later, my daughter suddenly asked me, ‘why can my mother play the phone, I have to do homework’. At this time, I realized that parents should play a role model." Public Liu said. From then on, I always accompany the child to do homework, will read or work to do things." )相关的主题文章: