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China and Russia signed 200 engine AL-31 contract price of $5 million – Sohu military channel page first: China and Russia signed the 200 engine contract [Abstract] the Russian aviation industry sources, the Russian Defense export company recently signed with China’s exports to China AL-31 and D-30 aircraft engine of the new contract, Beijing will be in 3 years for these two types of engines each about 100 taiwan. Russian experts estimate that the contract amount will be close to $1 billion, of which, the price of a single AL-31 is more than $5 million, equivalent to RMB 33 million yuan. Vasily, the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute experts? Kashin believes that Beijing’s imports of AL-31 will be used to replace the old Liberation Army is the engine in the service of the Russian made aircraft, and installed in the new domestic aircraft. In the era of peace, more reliable performance, longer life of Russian engines for the implementation of tasks, the most appropriate training. The picture shows the Russian AL-31 aero engine. Reference News Network reported on October 26th: Russian media said that a Russian aviation industry sources said, the Russian Defense export company recently signed a new contract with China’s exports to China AL-31 and D-30 aircraft engines, Beijing will be in 3 years to obtain the above two types of engine each about 100 taiwan. According to Russia’s "Herald" website reported on October 25th, Russia’s deputy director of strategy and technology analysis center expert Constantine? Makiyenko estimates, so the size of the contract, the amount will be close to $1 billion. A single AL-31 price is more than $5 million, D-30 may not be lower than it. Russian Defense products export company declined to comment. Reported that China since 2010 to buy D-30 turbojet engine. According to the United States, Russia, Russia, the United States and Russia, the scientific research and production consortium previously given the official statement, its total exports to China reached 239 units. The engine was installed in China’s -6K, which is the latest version of the Soviet Union in the last century in 50s launched the latest version of the -16 bomber, is China’s only domestic cruise missile capable of carrying long-range bombers. In addition, with the engine and transport it by the Ukraine -20 military transport aircraft, the Antonov Design Bureau to assist in research and development, performance parameters close to Russia’s -76. Extended reading: Russia not to sell the United States to sell Chinese rocket engine export Russia Russian aircraft details exposure made 35 tons of thrust engine Putin personally finalized second pages: AL-31 price of $5 million UMPO is a Russian joint engine group (UEC) subordinate enterprises. The company’s main business is the development, production, maintenance and maintenance of aircraft turbojet engines, production and maintenance of helicopter components, the production of oil and gas industry equipment. UMPO AL-41F-1S -30 (117S) for Su -35S fighter to produce AL-31F and AL-31FP engines for Su -27 and su. The graph is UMPO production workshop. Since 199.相关的主题文章: