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China Medical Director Ritchie: no new plan — Sports — original title: China Medical Director Ritchie: no new plan yesterday, the national soccer team to the medical research director Li Fangxiang arrived in Wuhan, then the monitoring and adjustment of the player’s body. In an interview with reporters, Li Fangxiang said, there is no impact on the team training and competitions of the injury, the team did not call to new ideas. In the past three days of training, the national team has been to restore and adjust the main, the team did not carry out high-intensity training. In the meantime, the team also conducted a comprehensive inspection of the body member, which Li Fangxiang said: "at present, the players physical fatigue, mental fatigue is more important, a lot of players from the beginning of February in AFC Champions League, nearly 8 months there has been no rest. In physical fatigue, the national team to help players recover, psychological needs, national team, the media and fans together to create a relaxed environment for us, let the players play the best state." Injuries, Li Fangxiang said that the current national team did not affect the training and competition injuries. Earlier, Gao Hongbo said, after the arrival of Li Fangxiang will be based on the player’s injury situation and then decide whether to call the players, so what is the result? Li Fangxiang said: "there is no such a plan." Li Fangxiang said the national team’s medical and scientific research work, and now need to separate work into a system, and the club also need to seamlessly linkage, this work is also being launched, hope that the future players came to the national team, will be able to very high spirits to participate in training and competition. Hao Junmin said in an interview: after the national team to adjust the main, starting today, the team will be transferred to technical and tactical training." (commissioning editor Zhao Xuechen and Yang Lei)相关的主题文章: