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China northern grassland drought affected pastoralists’livelihoods livestock slaughter in advance – Beijing, Beijing in August 30 Hohhot Xinhua (reporter Li Aiping) since late August, the boundless prairie grass in yellow, herders expect storage plan to forage…… 30, the reporter learned from the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Meteorological Bureau, due to high temperature and drought, the northern grassland Chinese forage in Inner Mongolia is expected to cut 7 million tons, many farmers have been speeding up the process of livestock slaughter. The home has 800 sheep Gova, Inner Mongolia Xilin Gol prairie nomads. She told reporters that since June 1st, the local grassland continuous drought, there is no effective rainfall. Affected by drought, she intends to more than and 260 sheep slaughter in advance (i.e. after slaughter sale). Why do these sheep slaughter in advance? Gova said, is the lack of winter forage grass, currently on the market 1 yuan per kilogram (RMB, the same below), sky high. In Inner Mongolia Xilinguole prairie, encounter is not a case of Gova. There are many local herdsmen in order to get through this crisis, but also through social media release sheep sell information, there are various channels through the herdsmen hope to get the care of the community. A number of local farmers told reporters that the current market price of 14.5 yuan per kilogram of mutton, lamb or goat of the slaughter in advance, is actually in the sale, if the price rose to 19 yuan, will not suffer a loss. Washington reporter learned that, in view of this situation, the local government is currently being studied to solve the existing problems in animal husbandry, reasonable arrangements for early slaughter, slaughter, slaughter and other problems more quickly, in order to reduce grassland pressure, reduce feeding cost and risk management, and promote the stable income of farmers and herdsmen. With the Xilin Gol prairie and Hulun Buir Grassland "Similarly afflicted people pity each other.". The latest statistics, Hulun Buir area an area of 21 million 485 thousand acres, known as the "Hulun Buir prairie grass Kingdom, this summer has ceased to see green beauty. At present, local officials to solve the problem by transporting forage pastoral livelihoods are a variety of ways. According to the meteorological department announced that due to forage big arid pastoral area of Inner Mongolia height is 6 cm to 52 cm, 3 cm lower than the calendar year to 25 cm, especially in Western Hulun Buir and northeastern Xilinguole Meng 11 cm to 25 cm. (end)相关的主题文章: