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China capital abandon the Korean media: Korea travel market Chinese technology has surpassed South Korea Korean media said South Korea contents Agency (KOCCA) 9 released the "2016 two quarter of the global game industry trends report" said, in addition to the backdoor listing or ensure the popularity of intellectual property rights, is currently in the Korean game market is difficult to see Chinese capital figure. This and 2010-2014 Chinese capital through mergers and acquisitions massive layout of the Korean game market in stark contrast, from the side of the Korean game market has been reflected in the scenery no longer. According to Yonhap News reported on September 9th, the report pointed out that China big investment Tencent Inc after 2014 did not re acquisition of South Korean companies, which showed no South Korean enterprises caused by the Tencent’s investment interest. From 2006 to 2014, a total of 15 Tencent to the South Korean game companies make big investments, especially in 2014, the Tencent acquired 500 million Korea Netmarb company the value of the dollar shares, the maximum amount of record China capital investment of Korean game market. Analysts believe that China’s capital to leave the Korean game market is because the Chinese game developers have been the basic level of technology to catch up with South Korea, on the contrary, the Korean game industry has fallen. The report pointed out that many South Korean mobile phone game developers to emulate the successful case, have launched a similar game, game player snubbed by South korea. Confidence in the Korean game market is no longer the natural shrinkage of investment. The report also pointed out that this year there are examples of individual Chinese capital investment in the Korean game industry, but it is difficult to see it as a direct investment in the development of Korean game technology. China palm interested in science and technology to about 1 billion 100 million yuan acquisition of South Korea’s WEBZEN shares of the company, but the main purpose is to WEBZEN’s popular game IP implanted in China’s domestic mobile games. Reported that the Korean game industry, an industry source said that the quality of the Chinese game has been greatly improved, and even the South Korean game providers to buy the game in china. And the Chinese government to develop the game industry, China’s capital investment demand to reduce korea.相关的主题文章: