China’s fitness industry worth billions of people who will benefit kisstudou

The value of ten billion China fitness industry who will benefit Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you my Chinese securities network since the Rio Olympic Games Yan Chau cupping and mosquito net you conquer the world class sports stadium, Chinese artifact by more and more international visitors by now, the fashion industry is also China "artifact" occupation. Dressed in New York fashion week, Chinese brand line also surprise appearance fitness dance and fashion. According to reports, the fashion week, there are many models used in hard exclusive fitness equipment. Hardcore fitness equipment by the international fashion industry touted on the evening of 8 in the United States, the USS Intrepid No. 1 hangar, a big show began to dress brand. The viewer is amazed by the work of the designer, but also for the figure of the body. T station serves, the attention of the audience gathered in the event of an American fitness CP, they were showing the hard elastic belt use, teach you how to build a perfect body. Figure is the model of professional capital, scientific fitness can really make a good figure. The models will shape according to the international advanced method of exercise and fitness equipment. This is a hardcore fitness equipment by fashion week models of the Blitz, means Chinese fitness equipment and fitness philosophy have to enter the international market, Chinese fitness industry will be gradually in line with international standards. 8 street was thrown, the Internet fitness brand to bring about a turnaround in the fitness industry abroad after a long period of rapid development, has entered a mature stage. According to data in the first half of 2016, compared to the United States 50 million fitness members, while China is only 3 million 500 thousand people. In fitness coach training, China’s per capita coach is only 1 thousand and 200 people, the United States reached 75 thousand. China’s fitness industry started late, the gym with its expensive, difficult to cultivate user habits and other pain points can not maintain a stable source. In the last two years, driven by the wind industry in the sports industry, capital and fitness Daren into the field, the creation of a number of Internet fitness brand, to bring a new turning point in the industry. Hardcore fitness is in this opportunity, which has ten years of experience China fitness fitness first IP bin card produced, starting from the basic content of the most difficult to popularize, has published "hardcore fitness: your first fitness book" fitness "and" one square meter, WeChat public account operations knowledge fitness original, give the right of consumers cognitive fitness. Do the content side of the endorsement Chinese fitness system with international fitness system, bin card says "a truly meaningful brand of fitness, should focus on and serve the real needs of users, and hardcore fitness, would have been, and will continue for all love fitness, people want to have a healthy lifestyle, provide the most scientific and most reliable, most comprehensive and most comprehensive fitness service you know!" National Fitness boom led the rise of the industry since 2015, the Chinese people’s enthusiasm for sports broke out, the rise of the national fitness craze. In the face of large and complex fitness needs, Internet brand Gexianshentong, traditional gym pain point force. In line with high efficiency and fitness theory相关的主题文章: