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Chinese films out of the China theater "international train" appeared in Venice – Sohu entertainment "in the summer of just one day" "clouds" and "friends" in the "Venice day" has openly stated project venture public statements site click to enter [HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news (SAM month article) following the 2015 Shanghai International Film Festival. With the Tokyo International Film Festival for the first time cooperation "new train", after the new Asian joint promotion in 2016, the "through train" to upgrade. Recently, a new series of screenings, project promotion and market docking activities unveiled at the seventy-third Venice International Film festival. Shanghai International Film Festival, the international train series debut in Venice, causing widespread concern in the global festival. "Train" not only in the "Venice day" on Chinatown "unit recommended Holmes", "carrying a heart hanging bile" two Chinese works, also with "my heart.", "out of" dust "," love "," ice "hunt four works at the Venice Film Festival market screenings. "Just a day", "summer", "film above the clouds" (formerly known as "God’s gift"), "friends", "Changle street youth" five venture capital project and its representatives also continue in the "Venice day" held a public statement. It is reported that the "through all the movie vehicle activities are recommended in 2016 for the Shanghai International Film Festival screenings of the Asian New Talent Award and outstanding Chinese new. The international train project presents the richness and diversity of Chinese film works to the world, which provides a global perspective for Chinese filmmakers to understand the ecological environment of Chinese film creation. The program began in the 2015 Shanghai International Film Festival and the Tokyo International Film Festival Film "youth cooperation, Babylon" after the "Asian New Talent Award at the film festival and talent shows itself, the recommendation of smooth Tokyo Film Festival of Asia" window "unit. "Venice day" official representative Giorgio Gosetti specially rushed to the active site for the project statement "through" message to the car. "Good bye" to bring new Mandalay finalists "Venice day" unit’s Chinese director, the nineteenth Shanghai International Film Festival jury venture Zhao Deyin also went to the scene to cheer for the Chinese venture capital project. Over the past few days, the project and the film has reached more than 30 talks. Participate in the project "" film producer Zhu Dan said: "this year’s" international love train "this platform very much, can make their own projects with more international team of professional film and strong cooperation." At the same time, the film festival has released the second half of the year at the Toronto Film Festival, Estonia Film Festival, Mumbai Film Festival promotion plan, a greater degree of recommended Chinese filmmakers to the international film industry, especially the young filmmakers making excellent films.相关的主题文章: