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Chinese local "food" let people eat healthy longevity — food channel — original title: China local "food" let people eat healthy longevity is delicious but not necessarily table delicacies from land and sea, health. Now people eat, nutrition and health is often the first place, more and more people realize that eating expensive does not mean that eating well. In Chinese local food in four, seemingly insignificant, but our ancestors called "longevity". Kelp blood fat, kelp is indeed a high nutritional value of vegetables." Beijing University of Chinese Medicine health department professor Zhang Hude told reporters that the growth of kelp in the sea, is a very high amount of seaweed iodine. Kelp is also rich in crude protein, sugar, calcium, etc., the content of spinach, rape several times. Zhang Hude pointed out that the sodium alginate in kelp with antihypertensive effect, also have certain effect on the prevention of leukemia and bone disease; kelp starch has the effect of lowering blood lipids, can help prevent arteriosclerosis, reduce cholesterol. "The salad and soup are commonly eaten, but the spleen deficiency and pregnant women should not eat too much." Letinous edodes letinous edodes is a mushroom can prevent cancer Chinese first domesticated in China, a long history of consumption, because of its rich nutrition and delicious taste, known as the "king of the". The Ming Dynasty emperor Zhu Yuanzhang often eat the vegetables, and that it is "longevity". Zhang Hude told reporters that letinous edodes "Qi is not hungry, Fengpo treat blood and stomach to help food", folk commonly used to cure headaches, dizziness. Modern research has demonstrated that letinous edodes can regulate immune function, reduce the possibility of inducing tumor, play anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect. Remove inflammation is also called leading bracken fern vegetables, Ruyi dish, mountain is very common wild vegetables. Zhang Hude said: "a few years ago I tried to promote the bracken, it is rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins, nutritional value is very high." Bracken bracken hormone inhibition of bacteria, has a good Qingrejiedu sterilization Qingyan effect, have a certain effect on the treatment of fever, eczema, sores and other diseases. "When eating, with boiling water boiled to astringency. The taste of bracken cold, spleen and stomach should not eat." Zhang Hude tips. Purslane purslane also called five sterilization cursive, longevity vegetable, widely distributed in China, fresh dry food can be, is a kind of wild vegetable books on early recorded. Purslane can use the shredded meat fried shredded meat, eggs, soup can also be made of edible, delicious, crisp soft and smooth. "In addition to Purslane contains a variety of nutrients such as protein, fat, sugar, crude fiber and calcium, phosphorus, iron, which itself has a very high pharmacological effect." Zhang Hude said, purslane contains a lot of norepinephrine, potassium rich and citric acid, malic acid, can maintain stable blood glucose, reduce blood pressure, protect the heart. (Xu Xinyi, right: the commissioning editor Juan)相关的主题文章: