Chongqing Internet association established to promote the cause of the development of the field of N-plustek

Chongqing Internet industry association was founded to promote the development of network communication field cause Beijing, Beijing, Chongqing (Zheng Jiezhuo) in November 13, along with the development of Internet technology, the Internet is profoundly changing the world. 12, 2009, the Chongqing Internet industry association was formally established in Chongqing, and held the first plenary meeting and the first meeting of the first council. The meeting examined and adopted the Chongqing Internet association Charter (Draft), and elected the first session of the Council, the board of supervisors, the Executive Council and other leading bodies. As the Chongqing Municipal Federation of the predecessor of the Chongqing Internet association of online media, since its inception in 2012, fully play the role of social organizations, led the 92 member units to carry out the study and discussion activities, strengthen management, to promote the healthy development of the network media industry in Chongqing. At the same time in the Party committee and government to build a bridge between the media, in order to build a harmonious and orderly public opinion on the Internet to make a positive contribution to the ecology, but also to lay the foundation for the establishment of the Federation of the Internet community. The latest data show that the current size of China’s Internet users reached 710 million, Internet penetration rate reached 51.7%, more than the global level of 3.1 percentage points, China has become the world’s largest country. In order to cope with the current network information field the number of social organizations, scattered distribution, play a limited role and other practical problems, the Chongqing Association of online media to implement the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the State Council on the reform of the management system of social organizations to promote the healthy and orderly development of social organization views, as well as the central network information office, the Ministry of Civil Affairs Circular on strengthening the network construction letter to the field of social organization, in the lead in the establishment of the provincial network field association, named Chongqing City Internet industry federation. The establishment of the Federation of the Internet industry in Chongqing, the Internet industry has a more accurate positioning, the object is more extensive, more detailed business, more important significance of activities. It can be predicted that the establishment of the Federation of the Internet industry in Chongqing, will effectively promote the development of the cause of the city network letter to promote the city’s Internet work to a new level. (end)相关的主题文章: