Chongqing labor dispute final ruling issued the latest deal to solve the fastest 2

Chongqing introduced new labor dispute award the fastest 2 months to solve yesterday, the Chongqing evening news reporter learned from the Municipal Social Council, the city issued "on the final award for labor dispute notice" related matters, to further clarify the scope of the labor dispute arbitration award and procedures in the handling of labor disputes is the fastest in 2 months complete. To make up for the imperfection of law loopholes it is understood that the current labor dispute processing to cut two main processing mechanism, namely the labor dispute, the parties concerned shall first apply for arbitration to the labor dispute arbitration committee, refuses to accept the arbitration award, the parties may apply to the basic people’s court, and disaffected, can appeal to the intermediate people’s court. At the same time, the Arbitration Commission shall make a final decision. According to the "People’s Republic of China labor dispute mediation and Arbitration Law", a final cut refers to the following two cases of labor disputes, can be directly by the labor arbitration commission ruling thesettlement procedure: first, recourse to labor remuneration, medical expenses for a work-related injury, economic compensation or damages, shall not exceed the local minimum wage standard twelve times the amount of the dispute; second, due to the implementation of the national labor standards in working hours, rest and vacations, social insurance and other aspects of the dispute. City People Club Bureau official said, due to the relative principles of the law, the specific standards are not refined, in practice, a small part of the subject, the case is simple, not included in the scope of the final ruling. At the same time, there is also a case of malicious delays in the handling of individual employers, leading to the labor dispute has not been resolved by the effect of the lawsuit, some of the legitimate rights and interests of workers for a long time can not be protected. City People Club Bureau relevant responsible person said that the "notice" issued before, some companies take advantage of loopholes in the law is not perfect, to extend the controversial trial period, caused the collapse of workers. Part of the enterprise is usually in the labor dispute arbitration committee arbitration, deliberately do not come up with the key evidence of their own benefits, to get a favorable result of arbitration. And then refused to accept the verdict, to the grassroots people’s court proceedings, the failure to appeal to the intermediate people’s court. In this process, at least 1 years time will cost workers, many will take two or three years, workers naturally collapse, finally compromise none accept mediation. The new deal will take effect on October 15th the city people club Bureau issued the "notice", based on the original law, to further clarify the scope of the labor dispute is the final award, including the refinement of the remuneration of labor dispute cases, the relevant medical expenses for a work-related injury etc. the labor dispute case into the final ruling, greatly shorten the period of labor dispute. After the various types of labor disputes are expected to be completed within two months. The labor dispute arbitration agency in charge, with the rapid growth of our economy in recent years, the city’s labor dispute cases also showed a rising trend, last year the city’s arbitration agencies for handling labor dispute cases more than 4 pieces, the first half of this year for processing 28 thousand. After the introduction of the notice, is expected to more than 25% of the labor dispute cases will be quickly resolved, the interests of the injured workers are expected to be compensated as soon as possible. Employers will also be able to quickly handle.相关的主题文章: