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Chongqing Tongliang for the global Chinese poetry collection "nostalgia" – Beijing, China News Agency, Chongqing, September 12 (Zhong Yi) 12 reporters from the Tongliang CPC Chongqing municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department was informed that from now until September 29th, Tongliang officially launched the world nostalgia poetry contest, the contest organizers will for the global Chinese public collection of "nostalgia" poetry in order to arouse the Chinese people around the world, "nostalgia". The ancient "Li" raise my eyes to the moon, looking down and think of home, "this is Yu Guangzhong ‘homesickness was a small stamp, in my head, my mother was there."…… From ancient times, poetry has never lacked about nostalgia poems." The contest organizers relevant responsible person said, the world nostalgia poetry contest finals will be held in more than 1500 years of history "Chinese historical and cultural town of Tongliang city housing in October 3rd. The responsible person said, the home city is an intersection of two rivers and a thousand year old, weathered yellow gate, the depth of the road winding alleys, white tiles, Jiugong Temple eighteen, Yangtze River Park on stilts, ancient brick and glazed tile courtyard…… Everything in the city is the hometown of memory. "I believe the world through the nostalgic poetry contest, for the majority of the Chinese people to express feelings, remember nostalgia play a role in promoting." It is understood that the world nostalgia poetry contest themes for "nostalgia", genre requirements for poetry, type of limitation. (end)相关的主题文章: