City of fantasy is adapted to follow the original Screenwriter to be translated literally-8l9840

"City of fantasy" is adapted to follow the original? Lynette: to do a new translation network – by William Feng, Victoria Song, Ma Tianyu starred in the TV series "-" is Hunan TV hit, in just aired the story, the wall was destroyed, with Prince sigh entropy crack, law enforcement and other Western Xinggui turned the original story eleven reduction constantly reminds readers of high-energy drama the hearts of the most classic memory, get a lot of praise of users. The fate of the original complex "-" characters in the tragic and a powerful and unconstrained style imagination, let the works become the memories of youth, the hearts of the classic 80 90. TV series "-" the most remarkable thing is adapted to follow the original writer, said Shen Zhining earlier in an interview: "I always adhere to the principle of adaptation as the translation of the same, there is not a translation, literal translation, to take into account the novels by actual film language." With the development of the plot, is the lines or plot setting, "-" basically do follow the original. "I thank you, sir, for the last time in my life, let me go out of the dark altar, and let me stand under the sun." When the satellite orbit (Xu Jiao) in the cherry blossoms in full bloom in the morning dance read this monologue, user comments: "hear this monologue on the screen, when reading the novel memories came flooding back." In addition, the TV drama "city of fantasy" on "carved countless arms of Guqin musician, expression is hollow and confused" sigh, "according to the wall six star location" Zongtian Xuanwu temple and other scenes are made almost complete reduction, with remarkable degree. (Wang Yu)相关的主题文章: