College sports will play new tricks of college students body composition keys (video)-super bass

College sports will play new tricks of college students body composition key games to play new tricks. Changjiang Daily reporter learned yesterday, Wuhan Institute of media more than 1000 students to be in the opening ceremony with the body of COS in the year of motion (played) a huge "human keys". 1050 students to form a huge "human keys with the piano sound," white "and" black keys "continuous ups and downs, the students with the body" sing "beautiful notes. A careful look at the "black keys" dressed in black, wearing a black hat, "white keys" dressed in white, wearing a white hat, 1050 students in order to squat and stand up, with the body "play" with music. The person in charge of the opening show, broadcasting and hosting art college students of grade 2014 concentrated Hoey said: "this movement will be the theme of" music and sports ". In order to comply with this theme, but also has a certain ornamental, ‘COS piano keys’ is the idea of my team and I had a long time to settle down, the latter part of the rehearsal also spent half a month. See today’s results, to hear the voices of the students, I am very happy, all the hard work is worth it." The huge "human" keys "to play" after the end of music, spread out quickly, according to the dance cheerleading drums. Strong Hoey said: "I have seen many students lack of exercise, often sick, so I hope to maintain the vitality through this dynamic opening show enthusiasm, inspire people to exercise, a good university life every day." Zhengzhou, a college sports games, a total of 1000 people jump "youth manual" scene style相关的主题文章: