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Comment: Bob, Dylan won the Nobel prize open? Shaanxi Channel – People’s original title: comment: Bob, Dylan award, the Nobel Prize began to open? The history of the first musician who won the Nobel prize for literature, "rock music living fossil" said Bob? Dylan, overcome the "millennium with run" Haruki Murakami and "rumor" winners Syria poet Adonis, this year’s Nobel block in the bosom. Bob? Dylan winning news, will let the music practitioners and intellectuals feel excited, in addition, literature lovers will feel happy, because from another perspective, Bob? Dylan is the essence of a poet, his poetry and lyrics writing, to be more meaningful than some contemporary poet, but also more appreciation of. Bob and Dylan seem to be a little bit away from the Nobel Prize, his folk, rock singer. Some people take Bob? Dylan referred to as "the father of the world rock", "the world is the father of rock" is not Elvis Presley, if Elvis Presley created the history of rock music, so Dylan gives rock to the soul, but in the rock, Bob? The poetic and literary works of Dylan, is the the key to becoming attached to the Nobel Prize for his many years later. Bob? Dylan had a margin, and Chinese April 6, 2011, his first solo concert in Beijing workers stadium. Dylan concert stage layout is very simple, the back projection lamp he and the band behind the curtain, this is all the background. The curtain on the figure of Dylan, as is a star, and like the bar from the country singer. Bob? Dylan sang continuously for 1.5 hours, the clearance time of each song is not more than a minute, his hands holding the microphone, a hand holding a bottle of mineral water, more than and 70 year old old man had such power, make people sigh. Bob, outside of music, is a man who has not been fully discovered. In addition to the aura of music, he has the simplicity and elegance of a poet. Hong Huang once in micro-blog tells the story of the first time she saw the story of Dylan, said she was in primary school, New York Bob? Dylan is a student in the class parents, Hong Huang once invited to Bob? Dylan designed for children’s party, wearing a big pants strange uncle sing a lot song for them, that is strange uncle Dylan. Bob? Dylan is a famous song, called "the answer" flying in the wind, the song brought him fame, let him have a "protest singer" status, but not Bob? Dylan are proud of this identity, in his speech, even passed such symbol refused to be labeled, intent, born in the last century in 60s he, more the pursuit of a simple, real life state, but not willing to become a tool of ideology. This year’s Nobel Prize choice award to Bob? Dylan, is not out of political considerations, because Bob? Dylan peace singer identity has been far enough, but he wrote for the Nobel award winning words can explain why, "Bob? Dylan as a great American traditional songs brought new poetry this simple way of expression," comments, more from culture and music on the level of Bob di?)相关的主题文章: