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Comments received: stock index fell 0.57% weak shocks gaosongzhuan sector continued active Phoenix Financial News in August 25th two opened both diving and continued weak shocks, afternoon shock rebound, stocks are more active. At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3068.33 points, down 0.57%, turnover of 200 billion 860 million yuan. Shenzhen Component Index closed at 10679.15 points, down 0.76%, turnover of 310 billion 230 million yuan. Gem closed at 2180.66 points, down 0.53%, turnover of $92 billion 10 million. Disk, high delivery, new materials, glyphosate, steel, brokerage and other plate gainers, real estate, free trade zone, cross-border electricity supplier, shipping and other plate decreases. Shanghai shares through the net inflow of 525 million yuan a day. Gaosongzhuan lead the market, Huang, Wu Tong holdings, pagoda industrial trading, in addition to black technology of two-dimensional black phosphorus stocks once again strong, Hing Fat Group, six chemical trading, Chengxing shares rose. Brokerage Views: flush: stock index adjustment end market shrinking vulnerable investors recently mostly believe that the index does not make money, blindly chase operation, prone to unnecessary losses. There are a lot of aggressive investors nearly "Jupai" stocks, but because the rose fell frequently, there is a big risk, rely on the good profit stop game ended. Technically, the stock index above by pressing a plurality of the average near 3050 points below the strong support efforts. K-japanese MACD red column signs turned green, KDJ sicha. Today’s stock index refers to the location of the support of the previous high point near 3050 points. On the strategy, it is difficult to really turn into a high reversal of the market, so prudent investors do not blindly follow the trend of investment. News: the Ministry of public security after the stock market crash and dozens of securities fund insurance executives according to Xinhua News Agency recently broadcast a "National Public Security Bureau of economic investigation department to combat Economic Crime Survey", since 2015, China’s stock market abnormal fluctuation, the Ministry of public security emergency deployment, in-depth judged through hundreds million of capital flows, transaction records, collision comparison Xu Xiang et al, investigating the alleged manipulation of the securities market, insider trading crime and other major cases. At the same time, through investigating the securities, funds, insurance and other information management industry executives, dozens of employees suspected of insider trading, the use of non-public information transactions, illegal operation of securities business, embezzlement, bribery of non national staff and other crimes, combating fraud of listed companies issued shares, illegal disclosure of important information and other related criminal activities. Effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of investors and capital market order. Development and Reform Commission: Deepening the reform of the gem Reform Commission said that the use of good investment in emerging industries to guide the venture capital fund and SME development fund, strengthen intellectual property pledge financing, deepen reform of the gem. Bloomberg: Shanghai City real estate policy tightening to consider the proportion of the first suite down from 3 increased to 5, foreign media reports, the Shanghai municipal government recently held a meeting to consider the adjustment of land and housing policy, to curb the recent rise in house prices and land prices. Consider tightening bank lending policies to control land financing. At the same time consider adjusting the purchase loan policy, the purchase of housing and credit recognition. First suite down payment ratio increased from 3 to 5, and where there is a loan.相关的主题文章: