Completely Jiepan Malaga beat Gijon Amiens anti popular

Completely Jiepan: Malaga beat Amiens gijn anti popular this week colorful combination unchanged, Dutch did not continue to retain the championship quiz. The only major league and La Liga Bundesliga, the difficulty is not too large. The Bundesliga is seemingly strong dialogue, but Borussia week in the Champions League war, but the stage ahead of time, rest time is limited, Herta Plaza, plus home court victory, no problem. The Spanish Malaga state in the near future is very good, Gijon with feet away without too much suspense. It may be cold to the foot, the main victory AOE can be properly recognized, in addition the disc Dussel adverse, the state is also good, the difficulty is not low. In this period the B method is relatively obvious advantages, boolean lattice, Troyes is the favorite to win, with Sochaux form nihoul, I’m afraid not winning. Away from Le Havre and Brest to win is a great probability, the two teams have this strength. Pay attention to popular mainly in Amiens and Aya GF, especially the former cold in addition to the possibility of relatively large. Friday is still the old practice, it is recommended that the main funds to conquer any nine, a small amount of money into the field of the 14, Bo luck.相关的主题文章: