Congratulations to the city of Shanghai car registration Accreditation Center official operation 索尼a350

Congratulations to the city of Shanghai car registration Accreditation Center was inaugurated on November 28, 2016, held in Shanghai city in Hunan Road car No. 4777 car city plaza grand Chongqing code, warmly celebrate the city of Shanghai car registration Accreditation Service Center all in one service formal operation. Major new car 4S shop, used car brokerage companies, used car business service providers attended the celebration. Shanghai city car license service center opened, to further expand the comprehensive service function of Shanghai City, Shanghai city to promote the car leading to more development posture. It is reported that the Shanghai automobile market is a well-known enterprise in the automotive industry in Shanghai, China Automobile Dealers Association as China’s ten largest auto market. Shanghai city car second-hand car market has the vehicle registration agency, vehicle inspection, vehicle display, transaction processing, car brand, new car, return the vehicle auction, information dissemination functions, will promote and lead the Shanghai second-hand car circulation pattern of innovation and development. The city of Shanghai car registration service center accreditation certificate network system includes new and used vehicles, covering the trading market and the inspection and Accreditation of the whole process of standardization, standardization, network operating system, provides a one-stop service for the majority of owners. For the celebration of the city of Shanghai car registration service center of formal operations, in November 21, 2016 -2017 year in February 20th, Shanghai city launched a car car license permit ex gratia activities, Shanghai C, the second-hand car brand in this period can enjoy a fee waiver, to return to the community of Shanghai City, car care and support. Other offers see the notice of the center. Simultaneously. Shanghai car market for second-hand car merchants preferential investment policies, please consult 021-61187093. Warmly welcome the majority of car manufacturers to call home or call, welcome new and old customers come to buy new cars and used cars. Shanghai car city in the initial period of operation, with serious learning attitude, such as insufficient and lack of operation, industry associations, welcome the community to guide and enlighten!相关的主题文章: