Consumers Association to strengthen cooperation and coordination to combat communications fraud to p-autobots

In the case of collaboration: strengthening the protection of personal information of communications fraud against the original title: association called on strengthen the linkage cooperation in combating fraud protection of personal information communication agency in September 12 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Liu Changzhong) Chinese Consumer Association (the Association) 12 urged relevant departments to strengthen cooperation, strengthen efforts to protect personal information, the formation of combat communications fraud a powerful force. In recent years, Chinese citizens personal information leakage is serious, communication fraud presents a cross regional, technical, networking trend. Only the Beijing District Court confirmed 2010 to 2016, the personal information of citizens was leaked more than 1.6 million. SMS, telephone, Internet and other information harassment has become the enemy of the people. Some unscrupulous operators and personnel malicious collection, theft, sale of personal information of citizens, the use of personal information of citizens to carry out communications fraud, resulting in serious damage to the personal and property safety of consumers. Consumers Association, said the recent exposure of a number of communications fraud cases, public security, industry and the relevant departments to cooperate with a shorter time to be detected. But there are a considerable number of consumers suffering from serious information harassment, some consumers suffer personal property losses. Because the relevant laws and regulations to protect personal information of citizens is not perfect, remediation methods soft, remediation is weak, a large number of suspected illegal and criminal activities of the operators and staff of consumers is very high to go unpunished, strengthen the protection of personal information, and ruthless treatment of communications fraud calls. The association stressed that the operators must strictly follow the principle of lawful, legitimate and necessary to collect and use personal information of consumers, and effectively protect consumers’ personal information security; telecommunications operators must strictly implement the real name registration system, in strengthening the protection of personal information of consumers at the same time, strengthen the monitoring of the implementation of harassment and fraud on the use of communication services. Consumers Association called on the authorities to accelerate the legislation of personal information protection legislation, to strengthen the system to protect consumers’ personal information; the ministry according to thorough investigation of various kinds of "pseudo base station" and "phishing" and other illegal information source, to take effective measures to eliminate fraud, harassment information dissemination channels; the public security departments to increase efforts to combat telecommunications fraud the case, strengthen coordination with relevant government departments and social organizations and linkage, establish and improve the response to communications fraud prevention and control system, so that the communication can make Wudikerong, no fraud. The association hope that the majority of consumers do not click on the link in the message, the page or floating pop, do not easily provide sensitive personal information to others, but do not easily enter the dynamic verification code or tell others, hold the safety line of personal information and property. (end) editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: