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"Detox" adorable baby cosmetics endorsements behavior Punishment — Finance — reporter recently from Shanghai city industry and Commerce Department was informed that since the new revised advertising law and the implementation of a year, the Shanghai industry and commerce departments to investigate and deal with violations of new advertising law cases 424, including false advertising, illegal use of advertising cases in absolute terms and illegal use of medical terminology multiple. It is reported that these cases, false content, illegal use of absolute terms, illegal use and easy to be confused with medical or other drugs, is the high incidence of advertising violations, accounting for 64% of the total number of violations of advertising law. For example, Shanghai Jahwa Agel Ecommerce Ltd on the "GF cleansing milk" network publicity page, the use of "eliminate skin toxins, relieve inflammation" and other content, the use of easy to sell goods and drugs confused words, were fined 150 thousand yuan according to law. According to Ying Jun, director of the advertising department of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce, such violations are frequently found in the advertisements of food, cosmetics and health related household appliances and life products. In fact, belongs to the medical terminology or medical terms, including anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, anti allergy, detoxification, blood circulation, removing blood stasis etc. can not be used in medical, pharmaceutical and medical device advertising; cosmetics, can not appear, antibacterial, sterilization, sterilization, antibacterial no.. There are quite a few cases of illegal use of absolute language. If the school claimed that the "first annual innovis highest pass rate", "forecast sprint to ensure that more than 80% hit", also constitute false advertising, illegal use of the "perfect curriculum" and "curriculum system", "the highest price" absolute terms, and the illegal use of "to ensure that once through the civil service examination in Shanghai" the guarantee of commitment, shall be sentenced to a fine of 200 thousand yuan. Should Jun, one of the highlights of the new advertising law, code of conduct, from the aspects of rights claims, minors all-round protection. If minors under 10 years of age can not speak, not to carry out advertising activities in primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, children’s channels may not publish liquor, cosmetics, beauty advertising and other regulations. Therefore, the commercial and commercial departments also focus on the protection of minors in law enforcement. Ying Jun introduced: "we found in the law enforcement, some training institutions, children’s brands through micro-blog, WeChat public number, such as celebrity child endorsement behavior more frequently." Such as "Da Da" in English in its own website advertising, with 10 under the age of 10 star’s image and these small stars or the guardian published in the Sina micro-blog micro-blog content screenshots, including small stars are parties to accept English training photos of training, positive evaluation of the content, using less than 10 years old minors as a spokesperson and the beneficiary name (image) as recommended, that is, according to law, a fine of 400 thousand yuan. Ying Jun said, for some still in advertising illegal use of minors under 10 years old as an Advertising Spokesperson of the enterprise, the regulatory authorities will be highly concerned, and strictly investigate and punish according to law. According to Xinhua News Agency (commissioning editor: Qiao Xuefeng, Yang Xi)

化妆品“排毒”萌娃代言等行为受处罚–财经–人民网 记者近日从上海市工商部门获悉,新广告法修订并实施一年以来,上海工商部门查处违反新广告法案件424件,其中虚假广告、违法使用绝对化用语和违法使用医疗用语的广告案件多发。 据悉,这些案件中,内容虚假、违法使用绝对化用语、违法使用易与医疗或药品等相混淆的用语,是广告违法的高发情形,合计占违反广告法案件总数的64%。如,上海家化电子商务有限公司就在“高夫洁面乳”的网络宣传页面上,使用了“排除肌肤毒素、舒缓消炎”等内容,使用容易将推销的商品与药品相混淆的用语,被依法处罚款15万元。 据上海市工商局广告处处长应钧介绍,此类违法情形多发于食品、化妆品及与健康相关的家电和生活产品的广告。事实上,属于医疗术语或医疗用语的,包括消炎、抗炎、活血、解毒、抗敏、祛瘀等都不可以在非医疗、药品和医疗器械广告中使用;化妆品中,也不能出现抗菌、抑菌、除菌、灭菌、防菌等口号。 违法使用绝对化用语的广告案件也不少。如华智进修学校声称“年年首创最高通过率”、“预测冲刺确保80%以上命中”,构成虚假广告,还违法使用“最完美的课程”、“课程体系最全”、“性价比最高”等绝对化用语,以及违法使用“确保一次通过上海公务员考试”的保证性承诺,被依法处罚款20万元。 应钧介绍,新广告法的亮点之一,是从行为规范、权益声张等各个角度,对未成年人进行了全方位的保护。如未满10周岁的未成年人不得代言,不得在中小学校、幼儿园内开展广告活动,少儿频道中不得发布酒类、化妆品、美容广告等一系列规制。因此,工商部门在执法时,也对未成年人保护内容进行了重点监控。应钧介绍:“我们在执法中发现,一些培训机构、儿童品牌通过微博、微信公众号等进行明星儿童代言的行为比较多发。”如“哒哒英语”在自有网站广告中,使用了10名未满10周岁小明星的形象及这些小明星或其监护人在新浪微博发布的微博内容截图,包括小明星正在接受当事人英语培训的照片、对培训的肯定性评价等内容,构成利用不满10周岁未成年人作为广告代言人以及利用受益者名义(形象)作推荐、证明,被依法处罚款40万元。应钧表示,对于一些仍然在广告中违法利用未满10周岁未成年人作为广告代言人的企业,监管部门将高度关注,并严格依法查处。 据新华社 (责编:乔雪峰、杨曦)相关的主题文章: