Crazy animal City Star lightning settled in Guangzhou-shiyang

Crazy animal City Star "lightning" in Guangzhou original title: Crazy animal City Star "lightning" in Guangzhou Nanfang Daily News (reporter correspondent Ou Zhikui Yue Jianxuan) he is "Crazy" in the city of animal animal star "lightning", he comes with the function of time delay, moved slowly adorable cute. 4 "lightning" (scientific name: two toed sloth) from the Guyana immigrants came to Guangzhou Panyu long wild animal world. In November 15th, the reporter learned from Panyu inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the 4 sloth recently has successfully passed the animal clinical inspection and quarantine for 30 days, I will meet with the majority of tourists. Show as "crazy animal city" in the classic image, two toed sloth is slow, vegetarian, most of the time spent in the tree, one day 15 hours of sleep. Sport is swimming, it can help it in the tropical rain forests when the flood diversion. Sloth is the only covered with plants (algae) of the wild animal, in 2012 was listed as endangered species. With the constant destruction of rare wild animal resources, it is increasingly difficult to import rare wild animals." Panyu inspection and Quarantine Bureau, said the Bureau in recent years to help the group from more than and 40 countries and regions to secure the introduction of more than 300 kinds of rare animal species of wild animals, to achieve zero epidemic, the excellent record of more than 50 thousand. So far, long became the largest in Asia, the world’s largest animal species of wild animal theme park, but also for the wild animal quarantine work in China accumulated rich experience. It is reported that, for the import of wild animal quarantine supervision and tracking quarantine work, guiding the construction of enterprises in Panyu inspection and quarantine departments meet quarantine field requirements, establish regulations and wild animal breeding management system. Editor: GDN001相关的主题文章: