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Crossing signal lamp with traffic lights light Tianjin people crossing by guess some people found in the Binhai New Area of Tanggu Central Road and Dalian intersection host sidewalks, pedestrian crossing lights red light and green light at the same time. Some careless pedestrians only street, just half step, the vehicle whoosh from the front drive past, also let people scared into a cold sweat. In September 16th 20 pm, reporters on the scene saw the Central Avenue and Dalian Road intersection, is a "t" in Dalian East Road intersection on the west side of the traffic lights on the surface of red light and green light walking and standing the lights at the same time. In the pedestrian signal toward the East and north of the light on the surface, is the same when the red light flashes when the green one in the lamp surface in "walking". The reporter found that 10 minutes of observation in the field, a lot of pedestrian is unknown, although surprised two lights lit at the same time, but all that wishful thinking "green is always lit, should be able to walk, when the vehicle lane of traffic lights, the car went straight forward, there are pedestrian traffic situation shuttle. There are a number of pedestrians on the failure of the signal is very confused, but after seeing someone to follow up. Others guessed according to the flow go, when traffic hours across the street when the traffic when parked on the zebra crossing to wait. The respondents said that the pedestrian signal here has clearly become furnishings, only a very small part of the pedestrian crossing lights will according to the other judge how to pass. Mr Wu said the public, pedestrian crossing lights here as early as several days ago in this fault, but still did not get the maintenance, exist hidden danger of traffic accident.相关的主题文章: