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"Crouching Tiger" and "dark horse" ratings – Sohu entertainment Zhu Jie Jinghua Zhu Jie’s "Crouching Tiger" stills Sohu entertainment news by hualubaina, parmen media CO produced the contemporary drama "Crouching Tiger" since landing Beijing TV Week theater broadcast, to "dark horse" potential ratings and network traffic all the way up. This week, the show will usher in the finale, Zhu Jie played by the audience favorite spicy Cagney and Lacey Wang Ruonan, with the end approaching, emotional Wang Ruonan will also settled. A "dark horse" TV drama "Crouching Tiger" in the Beijing TV Week theater broadcast every Monday to Wednesday night 22:16 two free, network sync hit. The drama broadcast after the "dark horse" trend, the ratings and the network traffic is very high, with great success. The play by Lin Xiyue, Zhu Jie, Li Qiang, Fu Miao, Luo Eryang, Zhu Yi and other powerful actors starring actor Zhou Xianxin featuring screenwriter strength of the cross. This drama from the script to the actor, is the power configuration, all the way of viewing is recognized by the audience of the play the biggest. Jinghua Zhu Jie popular for the detection of drug trafficking case, undercover police officer Qiu Tian was undercover drug cartels, spicy Cagney and Lacey Wang Ruonan is Qiu days of contact, teamed up with Qiu days crimes. Two people are both intelligent and courageous police sword, after the crisis, will cut off the source of evil. The process of detection Qiu days and Wang Ruonan slowly alternate good, the audience not only with Zhu Jie’s favorite Wang Ruonan, Wang Ruonan and Qiu Tian also very much hope that the trouble CP fruition". A variety of other fun enough in order to protect themselves and the police Qiu Tian identity, Wang Ruonan often change different shape appearance, fashion sexy styling, rebellious styling, Cougar and so on a variety of other temptations debut flowers in your eyes. Zhu Jie said with a smile, a kind of play has played multiple roles of the fine points, especially fun, very fun. Like Zhu Jie’s audience said, each style is like, each beautiful. Manage multiple roles without difficulty in mystery super network drama "ten deadly sins", Zhu Jie’s elegant temperament weak surface adorable beauty, is careful, very subtly malicious "femme fatale". Not long ago, the perfect ending of the drama "song", "miss Shanghai" incarnation of Zhu Jie Wang Qiyao, interpretation of the classic acclaim. In the TV series "Crouching Tiger", Zhu Jie turned spicy Cagney and Lacey Wang Ruonan, brave and resourceful, forthright optimistic, modelling change. Zhu Jie switched each other in a variety of roles, each role play what is, both the interpretation of natural and vivid, which shows the performance skill.   相关的主题文章: