Dalian continue to intensify efforts to regulate the beach queer as folk

Dalian city continue to intensify regulation of the beach (map) reporter learned yesterday, to implement the municipal government beach rectification work conference, the "eleven" period, led by the Municipal Tourism Bureau, Municipal Urban Construction Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Price Bureau, environmental protection bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau, Bureau of quality supervision and the port authority, the food and Drug Administration and other relevant departments of the city’s main beach of the joint inspection, the inspection found problems, the city will continue to increase remediation efforts, create a good environment for tourism and foreign tourists. The "eleven" period, the inspection group composed of the relevant departments of the city, has a joint inspection of bangchuidao, stone trough, Fujiazhuang, Jinshatan, silver beach, bay, Xinghai Park, xiajiahezi, tower bay, etc. the main Heishijiao beach, focusing on the on-site inspection of the sea shore beach and surrounding infrastructure environment, health services, shopping and leasing services, security services, environmental protection, and conducted a comprehensive evaluation score. According to reports, the beach has a great improvement in environmental hygiene, management services, in particular, bangchuidao tower bay, Xinghai Park, Fujiazhuang beach, clean environment, standardized management. But there are also some problems, mainly in the security service, part of the marina beach without a business license, no obvious signs of danger area, emergency rescue personnel undocumented, waterways, and beach fishing area has no obvious distinction, no lookout. In terms of food hygiene, disinfection facilities or not part of bathing is not used, the food processing areas of poor health, there is no price tag of goods. In terms of environmental protection, there are individual bathing sewage outfall, part of the beach water quality in general, health conditions in general, heavy odor, barbecue smoke straight row. In terms of infrastructure, part of the bath does not have enough bath and dressing room, managers dress is not standardized, part of the old facilities, should enhance the transformation. In terms of health services, part of the bathing waste is not classified, the signs are not obvious, there are dirt beaches. In terms of shopping and leasing services, part of the shopping mall is simple, unreasonable layout. Some of the goods using part of price tag, there is no price tag. In view of the problems found in the inspection, the inspection team on-site rectification suggestions. The bathing beach and districts and counties of the relevant departments also said that the existing problems of the beach, will continue to increase the intensity of rectification, strengthen management, and further improve the quality of service. Reporter Li Zhihong相关的主题文章: