Dalian Paralympic athletes with a goldensilver copper triumph 5 medals-vy canis majoris

Dalian Paralympic athletes with a goldensilver copper medal triumph 5 fifteenth Paralympic Games in September 18th in Brazil Rio De Janeiro full closing round, China sports delegation from Dalian 5 athletes won 1 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze, and broke 1 world records record. After returning to the provincial capital in Beijing and the central and provincial leaders met with acceptance and encouragement. Yesterday afternoon, the Paralympic athletes from Shenyang by high-speed rail triumph, the reporter interviewed on the athletes and their families. The gold medal winner: from swimming that day to win the gold medal in the high iron station yesterday, the Paralympic gold medalist Jiang Shengnan received the most attention, with long hair, but she had lost his right arm meiqingmuxiu. In the Paralympic Games, Jiang Shengnan mixed in men’s and women’s 4× 50 meter freestyle relay race, with a score of 2 minutes and 18 seconds to win the gold medal, and break the world record. Bronze medal in the S8 50 meter freestyle. Jiang Shengnan Lv Zhengmin’s mother told reporters that his daughter was four years old and she is in the same accident injured, lost his right arm, but her daughter is very strong, not only did not give up on themselves, but also learn to comfort his mother. Jiang Shengnan after the accident, I and her father saw a group of Paralympic Games on television, the picture of swimming, then we will discuss, saying that after our children go this way, let her go as an athlete." Lv Zhengmin said, when she is hoping his daughter through the road when the athletes self, did not think Jiang Shengnan was really being selected for disabled athletes. It is reported that Jiang Shengnan showed a great athlete in swimming, have achieved excellent results in the competition both home and abroad, won the silver medal in the 200 meter backstroke and 200 meter breaststroke bronze medal at the 2003 Sixth National Paralympic Committee at the age of 12. The 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games won the 200 meter medley sixth, 50 meter freestyle fourth. The London 2012 Paralympic Games won the women’s S8 level 50 meters freestyle, 100 meter butterfly, 200 meter medley final three bronze medals. It is worth mentioning that, in 2010, she won the 50 m freestyle champion in Guangzhou, and broke the world record. "In 2010, when she had the strength, the gold medal was not so unexpected." Jiang Shengnan’s mother told reporters, from learning to swim that day, Jiang Shengnan’s goal is to win the championship. In yesterday’s interview, Jiang Shengnan also said that there is no retirement plan, want to rest after a period of time to continue training, to continue the athlete’s career. Veteran: hard to make up for his father and unfortunately born in 1983 2002, Yang selected disabled athletics team, engaged in three (shot, discus, javelin) project. Many times at home and abroad to get good results in the race, had participated in the 2004 Athens Paralympic Games, the Beijing Paralympic Games in 2008, the London Paralympic Games in 2012, is a veteran. The Paralympic Games, she won the silver medal F44 discus game. Yang Yue’s father Yang Huashan told reporters, Yang was due to improper injection leads to right leg disability, but the child has been studying very hard, when the college entrance examination was admitted to Dalian University of Technology. However, because the family economic conditions are not good, with a record Tong相关的主题文章: